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UND 16 USA vs NSW Tour- Florida, USA Updates:

Donna Ellis, Und 16 USA Manager Reports: The U16’s had a great first full day yesterday.   Captains Halee Stroh and Tayla Stephens flipped a coin for horse pools which Coach Greg Russell strategically set up to be strong in all respects! USA Polocrosse World Cup 2011 Member, Seth Alcott with Und 16 USA Team ...

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The Tale of the Traveling Playing Shirts

Early this spring Akuma Polo became the USA World Cup Squad’s first sponsor in The Quest for the World Cup 2015!   Who is Akuma Polo? Akuma Sports is a family business, based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire and set up by three brothers, Warwick, Daniel and Thomas Aldersley and later joined by their Aunt, Polly Pithers ...

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WHO Built those Giant Racquets, you ask?

WHO Built those Giant Racquets, you ask?   Amy Hamlin is the creator The large rackets. Here is how they came to be! “I have a background in theatrical set design/building and I have a passion for the unexpected and over the top. Ask my family, every b-day, school or church play etc. I got ...

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Want an APA membership?

There are some new categories and new rates for membership in the APA. Just scroll down on this page and click on the left column to fill out the application and pay! Please make sure your profile information is correct. If you have a family membership- each member needs an email address! Click here for instructions ...

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