2023 National Championships Results
A Grade
1st: Lone Star Polocrosse
2nd: Tennessee Valley Polocrosse Club
3rd: Carolina Polocrosse Club
Best 1: Rahul Desai
Best 2: Francios Koekomoer
Best 3: Megan Swift
Best Horse: Special, ridden and owned by Rahul Desai
Best Conditioned Horse: Domino, ridden and owned by Megan Swift
B Grade
1st: Sassafras/Minnesota Polocrosse Club
2nd: Alamo Polocrosse
3rd: Lone Star Polocrosse
Best 1: Ian Duff
Best 2: Jeremy Barbour
Best 3: Sophia Solomon
Best Horse: Chanel, owned and ridden by Sophia Solomon
Best Conditioned Horse: Whiskey, owned and ridden by Tina Hutcherson
C Grade:
1st: Minnesota Polocrosse Club
2nd: Tennessee Valley Polocrosse Club
3rd: Grand Bay Polocrosse Club
Best 1: Jack Underwood
Best 2: Emma Finch
Best 3: Kristy Gusick
Best Horse: Chili, ridden by Joslyn Upshaw and owned by Karen Wiggins
Best Conditioned Horse: Etta, Ridden by Jack Underwood
D Grade
1st: Minnesota Polocrosse Club
2nd: Grand Bay Polocrosse
3rd: Tennessee Valley Polocrosse Club
Best 1: Trinity Henn
Best 2: Michele Morring
Best 3: Eli Doelz
Best Horse: Willow (owner and ridden by Eli Doelz)
Best Conditioned Horse: Ari, ridden by Michele Morring and owned by Karen Wiggins
E Grade
1st: Minnesota Polocrosse Club
2nd: Sugarloaf Mountain & Heartland Polocrosse Clubs
3rd: Sour Patch Kids
Best 1: Noah Barbour
Best 2: Helen Duff
Best 3: Braelyn Cagle
Best Horse: Brass, ridden and owned by Noah Barbour
Best Conditioned Horse: Cricket, ridden by Braelyn Cagle and owned by Karen Wiggins
1st: Masters Rosé
2nd: Masters Red
3rd: Masters White
Best 1: Todd Camp
Best 2: Beth Younger
Best 3: Stacy Upshaw
Best Horse: Blue, ridden and owned by Todd Camp
Best Conditioned Horse: Duck
Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP)
Upper Playing Horse: Domino, ridden and owned by Megan Swift
Lower Playing Horse: Ari, ridden by Michele Morring and owned by Karen Wiggins
Junior Playing Horse: He’s Got Brass, ridden and owned by Noah Barbour
Bomber Award: Megan Swift
Most Well Cared for Horse: Domino, owned and ridden by Megan Swift
Perpetual Awards:
Horse of the Year: Pepper, owned by Garrett Hamlin
Essex All Black: Susan Hatch
The Paddy Memorial Trophy: Minnesota Polocrosse Club
Most Fair and Best Polocrosse Sports Person: Lisa Poe
Shelly Shearer Memorial Award: Riley Wright
U21 Best Rider Award: Carolyn Gusick
Tricia Can Award: Summer Weldon
The Big Joey: Kendall Johnson
Umpire of the Year: Dillon Layman
Coach of the Year: Ashley Barbour
Boxter Memorial Polocrosse Award: Behmer, owned by Braxton Hamlin

Nationals 2021 Results

A Grade:

1st Place: Tennessee Valley Polocrosse (Braxton Hamlin, Garrett Hamlin, Sloan Hamlin, Kevin Horton, Zach Hulbert, Megan Swift)

2nd Place: Lone Star Polocrosse (Ryan Strider, Houston Hutcherson, Holt Hutcherson, Derek Rumel, Rob Shuttles, Gordon Duff)

3rd Place: Carolina Polocrosse Club (Sarah Desai, Rahul Desai, Alex Guzman, Kat Liner, Kate Lahr, Evan Vallee)

Best #1: Braxton Hamlin

Best #2: Karl Balogh

Best #3: Zachary Hulbert

Best Conditioned Horse: Rolo ridden by Alex Guzman

Best Playing Horse: Domino ridden by Megan Swift


B Grade:

1st Place: Mountain Zone (Thea Cross, Dawson Brooks, Glenn Bigsby, Samuel Burrows, Jim Byrd, and Paul Repenning)

2nd Place: Lone Star Polocrosse (Prissy Rumel, Heather Shuttles, Aubrey Shuttles, Renee Thompson, Dori Johnson, and Patrick O’Reilly)

3rd Place: Alamo Polocrosse (Tina Hutcherson, Anna Duff, Rowan Rockerfellow, Tanner Kneese, Clayton Crabdree, and Renee Weynand)

Best #1: Samuel Burrows

Best #2: Pat O’Reilly

Best #3: Dawson Brooks

Best Conditioned Horse: Greta ridden by Paul Repenning

Best Playing Horse: Dolly ridden by Dori Johnson and owned by Prissy Rumel


C Grade:

1st Place: Minnesota Polocrosse (Brian Beall, Kristi Johnson, Ada Dekkers, Madeleine Dekkers, Matt and Sarah McKeown)

2nd Place: Texas Habaneros (Ashlynne Hanan, Shane Fulfer, Dalton Byrd, Julie Mouton, Haydon Shuttles, and Ian Duff)

3rd Place: Mountain Zone (Thea Sherwood, Rob Brooks, Andrew Winney, Char Svaldi, Missy Svaldi, and Brooke Sprague)

Best #1: Ada Dekkers

Best #2: Brian Beall

Best #3: Ian Duff

Best Conditioned Horse: Reclaim ridden by Haydon Shuttles

Best Playing Horse: Storm ridden by Ian Duff


D Grade:

1st Place: Tennessee Valley Polocrosse (Brauch Treadwell, Chandler Terry, Heidi Schafer, Jack Underwood, Karlie Hulbert, and Chey Slaton)

2nd Place: Minnesota Polocrosse (Eli Dekker, Eli Doelz, Tamara Cameron, Becky Dekkers, Stacy Campbell, Lori Crabdree)

3rd Place: Mix Team: (Marley Barrett, Stacy Upshaw, Amy Lewis, Scott Carpenter Sr, Richard Balogh, and Jennifer Carpenter)

Best #1: Brauch Treadwell

Best #2: Eli Doelz

Best #3: Stacey Campbell

Best Conditioned Horse: Chai ridden by Stacey Campbell

Best Playing Horse: Redlight ridden by Brauch Treadwell


E Grade:

1st Place: Bay Area Polocrosse (Addie Brouilette, Christy Dean, Joelle Brouilette, Sabrina Dobbins, Mia Lavorgna, and Sam Dobbins)

2nd Place: Minnesota Polocrosse Club (Steve McKeown, Paul Doelz, Eunice Doelz and Kendall Johnson, Richard Broadhurst, and Carter Klein)

3rd Place: Mix Team (Kaylah Crabdree, Adalida Weynand, Allen Duff, Aaron Wells, Braelynn Cagle, and Michelle Sapp)

Best #1: Joelle Brouilette

Best #2: Steve McKeown

Best #3: Joelle Brouilette

Best Conditioned Horse: Tristan ridden by Addie Brouilette

Best Playing Horse: Crystal ridden by Christy Dean


Chuckles: Noah Barbour, Krish Desai, Jaxson Reiber, Denver Dial, Helen Duff, and Hattie Faulkner


Best Overall Stock Horse: Cuba, ridden & owned by Brian Beall

Best A Grade Stock Horse: Yahoo Paparazzi, ridden & owned by Sarah Desai

Best B Grade Stock Horse: Roza ridden & owned by Rene Thompson

Best C Grade Stock Horse: Eclipse, ridden by Kiri Freeman & owned by Zach Hulbert

Best D Grade Stock Horse: Flash, ridden by Jack Underwood & owned by Barbara Fisk

Best ASH Rider: Ryan Strider

Nationals 2018 Results

Essex All Blacks: Friendship Cup: Cile Savoy
Paddy Memorial: Best Presented Team: Sandie Creek Polocrosse
Most Fair and Best Polocrosse Sportsperson: Elizabeth Walker
Shelley Shearer: Best Playing Junior: Kevin Horton
U21 Best Rider: Kat Liner
Tricia Cane: Al True
The Big Joey: Erin Strider
Best Nationals Umpire: Zach Hulbert
Umpire Achievement: Sarah Desai


Crosse-Over-Challenge Winner: Virginia Carpenter
Best Australian Stockhorse: Special, owned by Rahul and Sarah Desai
Best Australian Stockhorse Rider: Emma Strider
Boxter Award: Freckles, owned by the Shuttles Family
Bomber MVP Award: Braxton Hamlin
New: The Dirtiest Whites Award: David Firmin (there were several honorable mentions)
Triple Crown & Uckele Coupons: Braxton Hamlin, Cameron Firmin, Sarah Broadhurst and Megan Waggener
Thoroughbred Incentive Program: Juniors: 2nd: Scott Carpenter Jr., on Fernet, 1st: Garrett Upshaw on Angela, Adults: 2nd: Derek Rumel on Jasmine, 1st: Heather Shuttles on Remedy
Australian Stockhorse Association Draws: ASHA saddle pad: Saussy’s, Bridle Tag: Karen Cressenberg
Australian Stockhorse Recognition: Renee Thompson
James Root Saddle Draw: Leslie Plant

Tournament winners at Harvest Farm won the following in their game placings:
1st Place: silver, gold and black belt buckles
2nd Place: thick blue saddle pads with the APA logo and placing on an embroidered patch.
3rd Place: silver engraved picture frame
Best Player: large silver engraved cup
Best Conditioned Horse: pair of full leg ice boots
Best Conditioned Horse: adjustable shoulder turnout blanket with embridered APA logo and Triple Crown logo as our sponsor!


Masters & Women’s
Best # 1 Player: Sara Cifelli
Best # 2 Player: Richard Balogh
Best # 3 Player: Stacy Upshaw
Recognition to Jaco Swanepoel Sr, Elizabeth Stutts, Paul Schnatz
Best Conditioned Horse: Waylon, Joe Douglas
Best Horse: North, Donna Ellis
1st: Sandie Creek
2nd Carolina
3rd: Sugarloaf

E Grade
Best # 1 Player: Emma McGeough
Best # 2 Player: Karlie Slaton
Best # 3 Player: Bine Hatcher
Best Conditioned Horse: Pantera, Bine Hatcher
Best Horse: Zoomi, Layla Zaky
1st: Minnesota
2nd: Heartland
3rd: Sandie Creek

D Grade
Best # 1 Player: PJ Penor
Best # 2 Player: Schyler Stacy
Best # 3 Player: Andrew Winney
Best Conditioned Horse: Beatrice, Ella Wilson
Best Horse: Sammy, Casey Gusick
1st: Mountain West
2nd: Bay Area
3rd: Heartland

C Grade
Best # 1 Player: Joslyn Upshaw
Best # 2 Player: Ashlynne Hanan
Best # 3 Player: Robbie Noiles
Best Conditioned Horse, Twister, Mary Ladnier
Best Horse: Angela, Garrett Upshaw
1st: Grand Bay
2nd: Mountain West
3rd: Tennessee Valley

B Grade
Best # 1: Zach Hulbert
Best # 2: Anna Whorton Duff
Best # 3: Ashley Barbour
Best Conditioned Horse: Rogue, Ally Kimbrough
Best Horse: Steely: Tallie Thompson
1st: Central Zone Mix
2nd: Eastern Zone
3rd: Tennessee Valley

A Grade
Best # 1 Player: Rahul Desai
Best # 2 Player: Braxton Hamlin
Best # 3 Player: Kat Liner
Best Conditioned Horse: Domino, Megan Waggener
Best Horse: Layla, Braxton Hamlin
1st: Tennessee Valley
2nd: Carolina
3rd: Lone Star

Nationals 2016 Results

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Awards for Players:
1st Place: gold, black, and silver custom buckles with the logo, division won, place and year
2nd Place: custom made breastplates with an engraved nickel plate
3rd Place: navy large barn/trailer storage bags silkscreened with the APA logo
Best Player: large engraved silver winner’s cups with division and position won
Best Horse: custom made bridles and polocrosse rope reins with an engraved nickel plate
Best Conditioned Horse: embroidered high neck turnout sheets

A Grade
1st Place: Lone Star
2nd Place: Tennessee Valley
3rd Place: Carolina

Best Player # 1: Rahul Desai
Best Player # 2: Ryan Strider
Best Player # 3: Derek Rumel
Best Horse: Special, Rahul Desai
Best Conditioned Horse: Domino, Megan Waggener

B Grade
1st Place: Central East
2nd Place: Mountain Zone
3rd Place: Lone Star

Best Player # 1: Emma Strider

Best Player # 2: Andrew Diemer

Best Player # 3: Doug Hamlin
Best Horse: Strider Moonshine, Emma Strider
Best Conditioned Horse: Marco, Peter Kearns

C Grade
1st Place: Grand Bay Hurricanes
2nd Place: Carolina
3rd Place: Mountain Zone
Best Player # 1: Ally Kimbrough
Best Player # 2: Manny Diemer
Best Player # 3: Ashley Barbour
Best Horse: Leo, Janelle Palmer
Best Conditioned Horse: Brass, Ashley Barbour

D Grade
1st Place: Grand Bay
2nd Place: Minnesota
3rd Place: Heart of Dixie

Best Player # 1: Dylan Hood
Best Player # 2: Melissa Morgan
Best Player # 3: Carolyn Gusick
Best Horse: Riley, Joslyn Upshaw
Best Conditioned Horse: Slim, Aubrey Shuttles

E Grade
1st Place: Sandie Creek
2nd Place: Heart Of Dixie
3rd Place: Central Eastern
Best Player # 1: Rachel Wilson
Best Player # 2: Pam Clanton
Best Player # 3: Autumn Ivy
Best Horse: Paige, Chelsie Brantley
Best Conditioned Horse: Mocha, Tami Cameron

1st Place: Mountain Zone
2nd Place: New Zealand Friends
3rd Place: CPC-TVPC-SMPC

Best Player # 1: Julie Mouton
Best Player # 2: Melissa Main
Best Player # 3: Sarah Horton
Best Horse: Athena, Julie Mouton
Best Conditioned Horse: Athena, Julie Mouton

Horse Of The Year: Zenith, Dori Johnson
Essex All Blacks, Friendship Cup: Stacy Upshaw
Paddy Memorial, Best Presented Team: Tennessee Valley
Most Fair and Best Polocrosse Sportsperson: Tim Doust
Shelley Shearer, Best Playing Junior: Emma Strider
Tricia Cane Award: Tim Doust
Best Umpire: Rahul Desai
Best U21 Rider: Haley Blend
The Big Joey: Charlie and Harry Caldwell
2016 Australian Stock Horse: Strider Moonshine, Emma Strider
2016 Australian Stock Horse Champion Rider: Amber Manni
The Boxter Award: Pucho, The Shuttles Family

2014 APA Nationals Results

Winners at Nationals this year received:
• 1st Place: Gold, black, silver and turquoise custom buckles.
• 2nd Place: Dark leather and canvass, logo and division debossed duffle bags.
• 3rd Place: Navy silkscreened covered tack rack cases.
• Best Conditioned Horse: Silkscreened blue and black turnout blankets.
• Best Horse: Custom made dark leather headstalls with a lasered logo and divisions.
• Best Player: Dark buffalo leather travel kits with a brass engraved plate.

1st Place: Lone Star
2nd Place: TN Valley
3rd Place: Mountain Zone
Best #1: Rachael Duhig
Best # 2: Renee Thompson
Best # 3: Dori Johnson
Best Horse: Zenith, Dori Johnson
Best Conditioned Horse: Marty, Lachlan Clarke

1st Place: Waldemar
2nd Place: Lone Star
3rd Place: Mountain Zone
Best # 1: Sam Pohl
Best # 2: Jarred Conley
Best # 3: Catherine Pickens
Best Horse: Myrtle, Cat Pickens
Best Conditioned Horse: Myrtle, Cat Pickens

1st Place: Central Zone
2nd Place: Mountain Zone 1
3rd Place: Mountain Zone 2
Best # 1: Charlie Caldwell
Best # 2: Becher Cole
Best # 3: Harry Caldwell
Best Horse: Gordita, Charlie Caldwell
Best Conditioned Horse: Jurmanji, Harry Caldwell

1st Place: Mountain Zone 1
2nd Place: Camp Stewart
3rd Place: Waldemar
Best # 1: Dalton Byrd
Best # 2: Meredith Ragsdale
Best # 3: Danielle Sanders
Best Horse: Hug-A-Bear, Charlotte Svaldi
Best Conditioned Horse: Rio, Tony Navarra

1st Place: MN Extreme
2nd Place: Mountain Zone 1
3rd Place: Mountain Zone 2
Best # 1: Julia Neher
Best # 2: Cameron Firmin
Best # 3: Piper Doust
Best Horse: Sophie, Ashlynne Hanan
Best Conditioned Horse: Sophie, Ashlynne Hanan

Rotating Awards:
HORSE OF THE YEAR: Remedy, Heather Shuttles
ESSEX ALL BLACKS, The Friendship Cup: Sarah Dancsisin
THE PADDY MEMORIAL, Best Presented Team: The Horse Lot Juniors
U21 BEST RIDER: Anna Salas
THE BIG JOEY AWARD: Olivia Uechtritz
UCKELE HEALTHY HORSE: Bernie Uechtritz, Liz Pohl, Jeeper Ragsdale