Nationals 2021 Results

A Grade:

1st Place: Tennessee Valley Polocrosse (Braxton Hamlin, Garrett Hamlin, Sloan Hamlin, Kevin Horton, Zach Hulbert, Megan Swift)

2nd Place: Lone Star Polocrosse (Ryan Strider, Houston Hutcherson, Holt Hutcherson, Derek Rumel, Rob Shuttles, Gordon Duff)

3rd Place: Carolina Polocrosse Club (Sarah Desai, Rahul Desai, Alex Guzman, Kat Liner, Kate Lahr, Evan Vallee)

Best #1: Braxton Hamlin

Best #2: Karl Balogh

Best #3: Zachary Hulbert

Best Conditioned Horse: Rolo ridden by Alex Guzman

Best Playing Horse: Domino ridden by Megan Swift


B Grade:

1st Place: Mountain Zone (Thea Cross, Dawson Brooks, Glenn Bigsby, Samuel Burrows, Jim Byrd, and Paul Repenning)

2nd Place: Lone Star Polocrosse (Prissy Rumel, Heather Shuttles, Aubrey Shuttles, Renee Thompson, Dori Johnson, and Patrick O’Reilly)

3rd Place: Alamo Polocrosse (Tina Hutcherson, Anna Duff, Rowan Rockerfellow, Tanner Kneese, Clayton Crabdree, and Renee Weynand)

Best #1: Samuel Burrows

Best #2: Pat O’Reilly

Best #3: Dawson Brooks

Best Conditioned Horse: Greta ridden by Paul Repenning

Best Playing Horse: Dolly ridden by Dori Johnson and owned by Prissy Rumel


C Grade:

1st Place: Minnesota Polocrosse (Brian Beall, Kristi Johnson, Ada Dekkers, Madeleine Dekkers, Matt and Sarah McKeown)

2nd Place: Texas Habaneros (Ashlynne Hanan, Shane Fulfer, Dalton Byrd, Julie Mouton, Haydon Shuttles, and Ian Duff)

3rd Place: Mountain Zone (Thea Sherwood, Rob Brooks, Andrew Winney, Char Svaldi, Missy Svaldi, and Brooke Sprague)

Best #1: Ada Dekkers

Best #2: Brian Beall

Best #3: Ian Duff

Best Conditioned Horse: Reclaim ridden by Haydon Shuttles

Best Playing Horse: Storm ridden by Ian Duff


D Grade:

1st Place: Tennessee Valley Polocrosse (Brauch Treadwell, Chandler Terry, Heidi Schafer, Jack Underwood, Karlie Hulbert, and Chey Slaton)

2nd Place: Minnesota Polocrosse (Eli Dekker, Eli Doelz, Tamara Cameron, Becky Dekkers, Stacy Campbell, Lori Crabdree)

3rd Place: Mix Team: (Marley Barrett, Stacy Upshaw, Amy Lewis, Scott Carpenter Sr, Richard Balogh, and Jennifer Carpenter)

Best #1: Brauch Treadwell

Best #2: Eli Doelz

Best #3: Stacey Campbell

Best Conditioned Horse: Chai ridden by Stacey Campbell

Best Playing Horse: Redlight ridden by Brauch Treadwell


E Grade:

1st Place: Bay Area Polocrosse (Addie Brouilette, Christy Dean, Joelle Brouilette, Sabrina Dobbins, Mia Lavorgna, and Sam Dobbins)

2nd Place: Minnesota Polocrosse Club (Steve McKeown, Paul Doelz, Eunice Doelz and Kendall Johnson, Richard Broadhurst, and Carter Klein)

3rd Place: Mix Team (Kaylah Crabdree, Adalida Weynand, Allen Duff, Aaron Wells, Braelynn Cagle, and Michelle Sapp)

Best #1: Joelle Brouilette

Best #2: Steve McKeown

Best #3: Joelle Brouilette

Best Conditioned Horse: Tristan ridden by Addie Brouilette

Best Playing Horse: Crystal ridden by Christy Dean


Chuckles: Noah Barbour, Krish Desai, Jaxson Reiber, Denver Dial, Helen Duff, and Hattie Faulkner


Best Overall Stock Horse: Cuba, ridden & owned by Brian Beall

Best A Grade Stock Horse: Yahoo Paparazzi, ridden & owned by Sarah Desai

Best B Grade Stock Horse: Roza ridden & owned by Rene Thompson

Best C Grade Stock Horse: Eclipse, ridden by Kiri Freeman & owned by Zach Hulbert

Best D Grade Stock Horse: Flash, ridden by Jack Underwood & owned by Barbara Fisk

Best ASH Rider: Ryan Strider

Nationals 2018 Results

Essex All Blacks: Friendship Cup: Cile Savoy
Paddy Memorial: Best Presented Team: Sandie Creek Polocrosse
Most Fair and Best Polocrosse Sportsperson: Elizabeth Walker
Shelley Shearer: Best Playing Junior: Kevin Horton
U21 Best Rider: Kat Liner
Tricia Cane: Al True
The Big Joey: Erin Strider
Best Nationals Umpire: Zach Hulbert
Umpire Achievement: Sarah Desai


Crosse-Over-Challenge Winner: Virginia Carpenter
Best Australian Stockhorse: Special, owned by Rahul and Sarah Desai
Best Australian Stockhorse Rider: Emma Strider
Boxter Award: Freckles, owned by the Shuttles Family
Bomber MVP Award: Braxton Hamlin
New: The Dirtiest Whites Award: David Firmin (there were several honorable mentions)
Triple Crown & Uckele Coupons: Braxton Hamlin, Cameron Firmin, Sarah Broadhurst and Megan Waggener
Thoroughbred Incentive Program: Juniors: 2nd: Scott Carpenter Jr., on Fernet, 1st: Garrett Upshaw on Angela, Adults: 2nd: Derek Rumel on Jasmine, 1st: Heather Shuttles on Remedy
Australian Stockhorse Association Draws: ASHA saddle pad: Saussy’s, Bridle Tag: Karen Cressenberg
Australian Stockhorse Recognition: Renee Thompson
James Root Saddle Draw: Leslie Plant

Tournament winners at Harvest Farm won the following in their game placings:
1st Place: silver, gold and black belt buckles
2nd Place: thick blue saddle pads with the APA logo and placing on an embroidered patch.
3rd Place: silver engraved picture frame
Best Player: large silver engraved cup
Best Conditioned Horse: pair of full leg ice boots
Best Conditioned Horse: adjustable shoulder turnout blanket with embridered APA logo and Triple Crown logo as our sponsor!


Masters & Women’s
Best # 1 Player: Sara Cifelli
Best # 2 Player: Richard Balogh
Best # 3 Player: Stacy Upshaw
Recognition to Jaco Swanepoel Sr, Elizabeth Stutts, Paul Schnatz
Best Conditioned Horse: Waylon, Joe Douglas
Best Horse: North, Donna Ellis
1st: Sandie Creek
2nd Carolina
3rd: Sugarloaf

E Grade
Best # 1 Player: Emma McGeough
Best # 2 Player: Karlie Slaton
Best # 3 Player: Bine Hatcher
Best Conditioned Horse: Pantera, Bine Hatcher
Best Horse: Zoomi, Layla Zaky
1st: Minnesota
2nd: Heartland
3rd: Sandie Creek

D Grade
Best # 1 Player: PJ Penor
Best # 2 Player: Schyler Stacy
Best # 3 Player: Andrew Winney
Best Conditioned Horse: Beatrice, Ella Wilson
Best Horse: Sammy, Casey Gusick
1st: Mountain West
2nd: Bay Area
3rd: Heartland

C Grade
Best # 1 Player: Joslyn Upshaw
Best # 2 Player: Ashlynne Hanan
Best # 3 Player: Robbie Noiles
Best Conditioned Horse, Twister, Mary Ladnier
Best Horse: Angela, Garrett Upshaw
1st: Grand Bay
2nd: Mountain West
3rd: Tennessee Valley

B Grade
Best # 1: Zach Hulbert
Best # 2: Anna Whorton Duff
Best # 3: Ashley Barbour
Best Conditioned Horse: Rogue, Ally Kimbrough
Best Horse: Steely: Tallie Thompson
1st: Central Zone Mix
2nd: Eastern Zone
3rd: Tennessee Valley

A Grade
Best # 1 Player: Rahul Desai
Best # 2 Player: Braxton Hamlin
Best # 3 Player: Kat Liner
Best Conditioned Horse: Domino, Megan Waggener
Best Horse: Layla, Braxton Hamlin
1st: Tennessee Valley
2nd: Carolina
3rd: Lone Star

Nationals 2016 Results

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Awards for Players:
1st Place: gold, black, and silver custom buckles with the logo, division won, place and year
2nd Place: custom made breastplates with an engraved nickel plate
3rd Place: navy large barn/trailer storage bags silkscreened with the APA logo
Best Player: large engraved silver winner’s cups with division and position won
Best Horse: custom made bridles and polocrosse rope reins with an engraved nickel plate
Best Conditioned Horse: embroidered high neck turnout sheets

A Grade
1st Place: Lone Star
2nd Place: Tennessee Valley
3rd Place: Carolina

Best Player # 1: Rahul Desai
Best Player # 2: Ryan Strider
Best Player # 3: Derek Rumel
Best Horse: Special, Rahul Desai
Best Conditioned Horse: Domino, Megan Waggener

B Grade
1st Place: Central East
2nd Place: Mountain Zone
3rd Place: Lone Star

Best Player # 1: Emma Strider

Best Player # 2: Andrew Diemer

Best Player # 3: Doug Hamlin
Best Horse: Strider Moonshine, Emma Strider
Best Conditioned Horse: Marco, Peter Kearns

C Grade
1st Place: Grand Bay Hurricanes
2nd Place: Carolina
3rd Place: Mountain Zone
Best Player # 1: Ally Kimbrough
Best Player # 2: Manny Diemer
Best Player # 3: Ashley Barbour
Best Horse: Leo, Janelle Palmer
Best Conditioned Horse: Brass, Ashley Barbour

D Grade
1st Place: Grand Bay
2nd Place: Minnesota
3rd Place: Heart of Dixie

Best Player # 1: Dylan Hood
Best Player # 2: Melissa Morgan
Best Player # 3: Carolyn Gusick
Best Horse: Riley, Joslyn Upshaw
Best Conditioned Horse: Slim, Aubrey Shuttles

E Grade
1st Place: Sandie Creek
2nd Place: Heart Of Dixie
3rd Place: Central Eastern
Best Player # 1: Rachel Wilson
Best Player # 2: Pam Clanton
Best Player # 3: Autumn Ivy
Best Horse: Paige, Chelsie Brantley
Best Conditioned Horse: Mocha, Tami Cameron

1st Place: Mountain Zone
2nd Place: New Zealand Friends
3rd Place: CPC-TVPC-SMPC

Best Player # 1: Julie Mouton
Best Player # 2: Melissa Main
Best Player # 3: Sarah Horton
Best Horse: Athena, Julie Mouton
Best Conditioned Horse: Athena, Julie Mouton

Horse Of The Year: Zenith, Dori Johnson
Essex All Blacks, Friendship Cup: Stacy Upshaw
Paddy Memorial, Best Presented Team: Tennessee Valley
Most Fair and Best Polocrosse Sportsperson: Tim Doust
Shelley Shearer, Best Playing Junior: Emma Strider
Tricia Cane Award: Tim Doust
Best Umpire: Rahul Desai
Best U21 Rider: Haley Blend
The Big Joey: Charlie and Harry Caldwell
2016 Australian Stock Horse: Strider Moonshine, Emma Strider
2016 Australian Stock Horse Champion Rider: Amber Manni
The Boxter Award: Pucho, The Shuttles Family

2014 APA Nationals Results

Winners at Nationals this year received:
• 1st Place: Gold, black, silver and turquoise custom buckles.
• 2nd Place: Dark leather and canvass, logo and division debossed duffle bags.
• 3rd Place: Navy silkscreened covered tack rack cases.
• Best Conditioned Horse: Silkscreened blue and black turnout blankets.
• Best Horse: Custom made dark leather headstalls with a lasered logo and divisions.
• Best Player: Dark buffalo leather travel kits with a brass engraved plate.

1st Place: Lone Star
2nd Place: TN Valley
3rd Place: Mountain Zone
Best #1: Rachael Duhig
Best # 2: Renee Thompson
Best # 3: Dori Johnson
Best Horse: Zenith, Dori Johnson
Best Conditioned Horse: Marty, Lachlan Clarke

1st Place: Waldemar
2nd Place: Lone Star
3rd Place: Mountain Zone
Best # 1: Sam Pohl
Best # 2: Jarred Conley
Best # 3: Catherine Pickens
Best Horse: Myrtle, Cat Pickens
Best Conditioned Horse: Myrtle, Cat Pickens

1st Place: Central Zone
2nd Place: Mountain Zone 1
3rd Place: Mountain Zone 2
Best # 1: Charlie Caldwell
Best # 2: Becher Cole
Best # 3: Harry Caldwell
Best Horse: Gordita, Charlie Caldwell
Best Conditioned Horse: Jurmanji, Harry Caldwell

1st Place: Mountain Zone 1
2nd Place: Camp Stewart
3rd Place: Waldemar
Best # 1: Dalton Byrd
Best # 2: Meredith Ragsdale
Best # 3: Danielle Sanders
Best Horse: Hug-A-Bear, Charlotte Svaldi
Best Conditioned Horse: Rio, Tony Navarra

1st Place: MN Extreme
2nd Place: Mountain Zone 1
3rd Place: Mountain Zone 2
Best # 1: Julia Neher
Best # 2: Cameron Firmin
Best # 3: Piper Doust
Best Horse: Sophie, Ashlynne Hanan
Best Conditioned Horse: Sophie, Ashlynne Hanan

Rotating Awards:
HORSE OF THE YEAR: Remedy, Heather Shuttles
ESSEX ALL BLACKS, The Friendship Cup: Sarah Dancsisin
THE PADDY MEMORIAL, Best Presented Team: The Horse Lot Juniors
U21 BEST RIDER: Anna Salas
THE BIG JOEY AWARD: Olivia Uechtritz
UCKELE HEALTHY HORSE: Bernie Uechtritz, Liz Pohl, Jeeper Ragsdale

We are excited to host our entire Polocrosse family from across the country to Harvest, AL for our 2021 APA Nationals. Registration is open!

The early entry deadline has been extended to September 10. Final deadline is September 16.

Register here *(You may also purchase extra meals and shirts with this link under the non-rider option)

PLEASE READ for some important info about the tournament!

  • Tournament Organizer: Thea Cross (307)359-2222 & Katelyn James (301)481-1795
  • Tournament Umpire: Daniel Johnson
  • Tournament Farrier: If you would like to be listed as a farrier in the program please let Thea or Katelyn know by the registration deadline.
  • Address: 632 Harvest Rd, Harvest, AL 35749
  • Gates open for arrival on Wednesday October 6 @ 8:00AM. Please DO NOT arrive prior to this time.
  • Check-in: Thursday 12:00 to 6:00pm
  • Umpire/Tournament Meeting: 7pm Thursday
  • Every team must provide an umpire horse, appropriate to their grade
    Friday; Saturday night dinners will be at 7pm @ in the indoor arena.
  • Extra Friday night meals $15; Saturday meals $20
  • Extra t-shirts will be available for pre-purchase and at the event, limited quantities. $15
  • Games will be played in a 6-minute chukka format. Tournament placing will be based on games won. In the event of a tie, it will be broken first by points scored, then points scored against.
  • Concessions: There will be food concession for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Penning will be permitted free of charge in the designated areas. Extra stalls and pastures are available for rent, quantities are limited.
  • Parade of Clubs: On Friday morning dress out in your best attire & show off your club spirit.
  • General Membership Meeting will be held in conjunction with Friday night dinner.
  • If you would like to become a sponsor or vendor please see our sponsorship package options here and our sign up sheet here.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to Thea or Katelyn.