Trish Jones- 2015 USA Polocrosse World Cup Coach!

Firstly, I must say how honored I am to be considered by you guys to coach you in preparation for the  forthcoming world cup. I am very much looking forward to meeting you all.
 Photo Credit: Kassie Cant
Photo Credit: Kassie Cant
Now a little about myself, I represented Western Australia at the last 13 Nationals in our Open Womens side (this spans some 26 years!!!!!!! scary) so I have played a lot with Jane Cooper, 2011 USA’s World Cup Coach,  in both club, zone and state teams. I have also represented Australia against NZ in 1995 and 1996. I have also been a spectator at all 3 world cups so far.  The last World Cup I helped team USA with their horses and got to know many of those players.  I am happy to see that several USA World Cup players are returning and excited to see new young up and coming players putting their time into this huge commitment.
Photo Credit: Kassie Cant
Photo Credit: Kassie Cant
To prepare for International Polocrosse I believe that you need to be very adaptable in both your style of play and the horse that you ride. I will be expecting you all to get out of your comfort zone and be prepared to try different horses and positions.
Trish and Lyle
See you this Spring- Trish Jones
Preparations, Planning, and Dates for 2014 have already started for the USA Squad of players.  There’s approximately 15 Months till Team USA loads up on the planes and sets sail to South Africa, where they will play in the 4th Polocrosse World Cup in 2015!  
No Time to Waste!
If you would like to be a part of this journey, there are many ways to help make this the most successful team thus far.  Volunteering time, offering support, horses to play and train on, or sponsoring are only a few ways to help this team reach their goals.  This dedication to represent the USA in the Polocrosse World Cup is self-funded. 
Please contact: if you are interested in helping.