2013 American Polocrosse Nationals Results, Awards and Good Ole Fashion Fun!!!


The 2013 American Polocrosse Nationals started out with the Parade of Colors-

Carolina Polocrosse Club took away the Best Turned out Club Award! 

Beautiful Mornings It was a great weekend with fun had by all- Even some players got creative on how to cool off in the afternoons! hill billy px pool

Special Awards: 

New Award: Boxter Memorial Award:

My Vet, Rebecca Stinson of Carolina Equine Hospital,  donated to award as Boxter was one of their favorite clients. It is an award that goes to a horse who gives a lot back to polocrosse. A horse who has been shared or played by many, gives 110% on the field, is an all around horse that has helped further players polocrosse education. It doesn’t have to be the best horse in A grade just a horse that has given back to polocrosse. This years winner was Pinky who has been ridden by so many and has brought along several Baloghs. She is an incredible horse that just keeps giving back.

2013 Boxter Memorial Award

Note from Rahul:

God works in mysterious ways and things definitely happen for a reason… 1. If I’m not mistaken, prior to this nationals, the last horse I played a 3 on against Lone Star was Boxter. 2. This years Boxter Memorial Trophy was awarded to Pinky. 3. Carolina makes the A grade final against Lone Star. 4. Romeo, the horse the Vallee’s kindly loaned me pulled up lame Sunday morning before the final. (Romeo also used to belong to Sarah) 4. In our scramble to find a replacement, the Balogh’s kindly offered me Pinky to play. 5. The final is an insane game and ends at 20-20 after chukka 6, forcing a sudden death. 6. Pinky gives it her all and sets me up to make a big snap out the lineup in sudden death. 7. Carolina gets the upset 21-20 and wins our first A grade national championship ever!

Other Special Awards:

Best U21 Rider.award–Braxton Hamlin Trisha Cane award-Sarah Danskin

Big joey award

The Big Joey award-Callie Williams 

The Friendship Cup-Sara, Tammy and Jim R. Best Umpire award-Zach Hulbert

horse of the year- Roza Horse of the Year-Roza


One of the most exciting A Grade finals American Polocrosse has ever seen!   

Recap by Sarah Ferebee:

Finals was an incredible game to watch! Both teams played so well even after having so many horse issues. Mitch and Paige were riding horses who had never played a polocrosse tournament before but stepped out on the field like they had played for years. Rahul’s horse, Romeo owned by the Vallee’s, came up sore that morning. Dori’s horse, who she has put so much work into, came up with some swelling Saturday evening. Sam’s beautiful horse Rain had to be vetted out Saturday evening as well. Steph’s horse, Tipit owned by Kiki, was vetted out Saturday morning. So needless to say there was a lot of scrambling to get horses for finals on both sides. But all the horses played great! The Hamlin’s and the Balogh’s were life savers lending great horses to both teams without question! Erica Vallee supplied 4 of the 6 horses for the CPC A grade team. The play was awesome! The game was so close the whole time! Robby and Mitch against each other up front was a real show. Derek and Rahul out the back was a very hard fought match up. There was some really good #2 work shown by Dori, Paige, Chris, and Steph. Andrew and Renee, both on incredible horses by Keystone Stud’s Ballandown Zorro, were impressive out the back of the line up and moving the ball up and down the field. They showed how is it is to get where you need to go when your horse is very well trained and loves the sport they play!

2013 nationals belt buckle


A Grade Winners:  Carolina Polocrosse

2nd Place:  Lone Star

3rd Place: Tennessee Valley

Best Players A Grade:

#1- Rob Shuttles

#2 Dori Johnson

#3 Rahul Desai

B Grade Finals:

Best Horse: Remedy 

Best Conditioned Horse: Stella 

B Grade Winners: Charlie Horse/Sandie Creek

2nd Place: Carolina Polocrosse

3rd Place: Sugar Loaf

Best Players B Grade:

#1 Cason Camp

#2 Alex Guzman

#3 Kat Liner

Best Horse:  Pistol

Best Conditioned: Playmate

C Grade Winners: Tenneesee Valley

2nd Place: Carolina Polocrosse

3rd: Charlie Horse

Best Players C Grade: 

#1 Tyler H

#2 Elle Dembrosky

#3 Kelly Fisk

Best Horse: Pancha

Best Conditioned Horse: Tricky

D Grade Winners:  Bay Area / Bucks County

2nd: Sugar Load

3rd: CPC

Best Players D Grade: 

#1 Haley Blend

#2 Beecher Cole

#3 Greg Russell

E Grade Winners:  Carolina Polocrosse

2nd: Grand Bay

3rd: Bay Area / Bucks County

Best Players E Grade: 

#1 Lauralin Cottingham

#2 Julie Smith

#3 Michelle Morning

Junior Winners:  Heartland 

2nd- East/West

3rd- Carolina

Best Players Juniors: 

#1 John Digney

#2 Virginia Carpenter

#3 Linsay Savouy

 Best Playing Junior: Paige Valley

Best Sportsman: Braxton Hamlin

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 12.42.36 PM

A Big Thank You to all the behind the scenes people who made this special event possible- Your devotion to the sport is immeasurable!