The American Polocrosse Association is the only organization in the United States to offer the guidelines that you need to become an informed and involved member of the global polocrosse community.

As a member of the APA, you will be kept up to date on the current Standards of Play that keep our competitions fair and safe for both player and horse. The APA through its various committees and programs offer, both the young and young at heart, the ability to travel abroad and experience the game of polocrosse in various countries around the world. If you would rather participate as an umpire rather than a player, the APA can help with that process as well through our Umpire Training and Certification Program. We welcome you to join the many members of the American Polocrosse Association that span from Atlantic to Pacific and Montana to Texas. View our resources:

Triple Crown Nutrition, INC is Now Sponsoring APA Clubs

Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc. is now a corporate sponsor of the Minnesota Polocrosse Club and the APA! Triple Crown has made a large investment in polocrosse this year and has created an APA special program available to all current 2017 APA members to help your club’s fundraising and promotional efforts. Simply by feeding your horse Triple Crown foods, you can raise money for your club to fund polocrosse growth in your community!

Fresh off the Press: Drills Handbook

The APA Drills Handbook is here! Thanks to the Player Development Program, with a special thanks to Kate Lahr for leading this effort, the APA has released 34 drills to help you sharpen your Polocrosse skillsets! The handbook is divided into riding, on foot, individual, pairs, and group drills. For each drill, there is a

Best Conditioned Horse Competition

The APA is proud to stand up the Horse Welfare Committee!  This was an ad hoc committee that started in 2021, but it quickly became evident that needed to be a permanent standing committee as our horses’ welfare is paramount to the sport.  We are thankful to have Paul Repenning as our Chair. The committee

Annual Board Meeting Highlights

Annual Board Meeting Highlights Thank you for taking the time to read through the meeting highlights.  In addition to what is outlined below, we had numerous brainstorming opportunities and ideas presented that are just the seeds to continued discussions.  If you would like to know more details on any particular topic please just reach out