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The sport of polocrosse is unique in many different ways but one of our best differentiators is the opportunity our sports offers to its players to send our top four men and top four women to an international champion tournament every four years. This event is known as the Polocrosse World Cup.

2024 Polocrosse World Cup in South Africa

The 2024 World Cup Committee has begun preparations in earnest. The 2024 World Cup is scheduled for July, 2024 in Shongweni, South Africa.

Please find the requirements, definitions and deadlines, code of conduct and player application for the 2024 USA World Cup Team below. Please read through all of the information carefully. If you would like to submit an application to the World Cup Committee for the Developmental Squad (Long List), please return a signed code of conduct, player application and payment by November 30, 2020. If you have questions, you may contact me directly.
2024 World Cup Committee, Chair


Squad Player Requirements

World Cup Definitions and Deadlines

World Cup Player Code of Conduct

World Cup 2023 Player Application

2019 Polocrosse World Cup in Australia

The 2019 World Cup was April 22-28 2019 in Queensland, Australia at Morgan Park in Warwick. This was the venue for the 2003 and 2007 World Cups as well so they know how to put on a great event! Celebrating 80 years in 2019, the Polocrosse World Cup will bring players from eight countries – Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, UK, Ireland, Zambia and Zimbabwe – to southern Queensland to see which team reigns supreme. Previous world champions, South Africa and Australia were the teams to watch closely.

The group of elite American polocrosse players had a three year long quest to the Polocrosse World Cup 2019 in Australia. Maturity, sacrifice, and full commitment are characteristics that are needed for the USA World Cup Squad to be successful. There were returning members from the USA World Cup 2015 Polocrosse Team and some very promising new members. There was a really good mix of talent and the USA Squad was excited to be training hard, playing together and traveling internationally to prepare for the World Cup in 2019. We were proud to have James Hackland from South Africa, as the World Cup coach for the USA 2019 team.

Because this life commitment is all funded through sponsorship and fundraising, The USA Squad planned fundraising opportunities and looked to partner up with companies to make this journey possible. Everything counts and all the sacrifices, triumphs and losses along the way was absolutely worth it when this USA Polocrosse Team walked through the goal posts for the first time to play in the Polocrosse World Cup in 2019.

The 2019 Team:

Karl Balogh, Braxton Hamlin, Rob Shuttles, Rahul Desai, Stephanie Shuttles, Kat Liner, Megan Waggener, and Sarah Desai. Team Manager is Mary Ladnier. Our Coach is James Hackland.

Volunteering time, offering support, horses to play and train on, or sponsoring are only a few ways that help a team reach their goals. This dedication to represent the USA in the Polocrosse World Cup is self-funded so any future donation is greatly appreciated.

Our 2019 Team USA Sponsors

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Past World Cup Results

2015 Team

Coach – Rob Shuttles, USA
Manager – Patti Cifelli
Sponsorship – Jessie Reed
Catherine Hanagan
Dori Johnson
Paige Vallee
Megan Waggener
Reserve: Liz Cook
Seth Alcott
Braxton Hamlin
Garrett Hamlin
Ryan Strider
Reserve: Pete Balogh

2011 Team

Coach – Jane Cooper, AUS
Manager – Jessie Reed
Assistant Coach – Renee Thompson
Horse Manager – Kiki Pantaze
Umpire – Trent Cooper
Seth Alcott
Rachael Gaylor
Dori Johnson
Ryan Murphy
Erin Smoyer
Heather Shuttles
Rob Shuttles
Ryan Strider

2007 Team

Coach – Joy Poole, AUS
Manager – Edmund Schenecker
Assistant Coach – John Jameson
Horse Manager – Kiki Pantaze
Umpire – Greg Russell
Wendi Hendricks
Ryan Murphy
Catherine Pipkin
Rob Shuttles
Erin Smoyer
Ryan Strider
Renee Thompson
Ryan Trueblood

2003 Team

Coach – Joy Poole, AUS
Manager – Kiki Pantaze, USA
Cody Gosch
Wendi Hendricks
Rowdy Key
Ryan Murphy
Catherine Pipkin
Rob Shuttles
Renee Sissons
Renee Thompson

2024 UK/US Veterans & Masters Polocrosse Tour

Heartland Polocrosse Club, a local club of the American Polocrosse Association, will host 8 Veterans & Masters, United Kingdom Polocrosse Association, players coordinated by Wayne Henning, to participate in the Blue Ridge Brawl APA Sanctioned Tournament & UK V&M US Tour, August 16, 17,  and 18, 2024, at Heartland Polocrosse Club, 35805 Allder School Road,

Ratings System Updates

The APA has a new ratings system that will be implemented this year.  There are some big changes from the previous system to the new one. The new ratings are meant to reflect where a player should likely play in a US tournament. They are not meant to be compared to the ratings of other

2024 Standards of Play Changes

Your APA Umpire panel and board members have been hard at work to fine tune the Standards of Play to continue to improve the spirit of the game that we all love to play. In an effort to continue to strive for the utmost fairness in all tournaments, some edits to the Standards of Play