Grievance Process

Any APA member may file a grievance through the following process (As outlined in the APA Manual under Grievance Committee Duties):

  • When a member has a grievance they must submit it via the APA website within 30 days of the incident (
  • The head of the grievance panel shall notify the other panel members of said grievance and call a meeting within 3 days of its receipt.
  • Upon receipt, a copy of the grievance letter or notification shall be sent to the person that the grievance is filed against. If the member is a minor, a copy should be sent to the parent or guardian.
  • The panel shall discuss between panel members and investigate the complaint
    • Determine the merit of grievance and intended path forward. All parties involved are informed of an ongoing investigation or that no investigation is warranted.
    • A copy of the grievance letter or notification shall be sent to the person that the grievance isfiled against
    • Panel has 14 days to complete any investigating necessary
      • This must include all parties involved. (Note, if minors are involved, you must first inform their guardian of intended questions)
    • Upon verifiable proof of a violation of the APA rules or regulations the panel shall make an unbiased decision of a penalty or dismissal
    • Upon this decision, the panel shall notify both parties involved of the decision
    • All paper work shall be filed w the board administrator and kept in a confidential file for future reference as needed.  In addition, the APA secretary should have access to the confidential files and would provide them to future grievance panel members only.
    • Appeal of disciplinary action may be submitted upon receipt of the panel’s written decision. Any appeal must be made in writing to the APA Administrator to the Board within 30 days of notification by the grievance panel. The APA Board of Directors must act upon any appeal and notify the member of its action in writing within 30 days after receiving the written appeal. Any penalties will remain in effect throughout the appeal process.

Grievance Form

To file a grievance, please fill out and submit the following form

Name of Individual filing grievance(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY

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