2024 UK/US Veterans & Masters Polocrosse Tour

Heartland Polocrosse Club, a local club of the American Polocrosse Association, will host 8 Veterans & Masters, United Kingdom Polocrosse Association, players coordinated by Wayne Henning, to participate in the Blue Ridge Brawl APA Sanctioned Tournament & UK V&M US Tour, August 16, 17, and 18, 2024, at Heartland Polocrosse Club, 35805 Allder School Road, Round Hill Virginia. Tour Tentative schedule: V&M Tour participants move in by Thursday afternoon. Horse pool selection Thursday afternoon, practice ride Friday morning. UK team vs US team of V&M players will play a Test Match Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. UK players will mix into division teams for one match Saturday and one match Sunday for a total of 4 matches. Bowling social Thursday evening. Friday and Saturday dinners provided for tour participants. Applicants must be APA members 40 years of age or older (Veterans) or 50 years or older (Masters) as of January 1, 2024. Applicants must have access to at least 1 playing horse and be able to offer a horse (your own or borrowed) for a visiting UK V&M player. Seeking 4 men and 4 women players, 4-5 A/B grade and 3 C grade players. Deadline for the application is July 1, 2024. Players will be named July 15. Wayne describes Veteran & Masters polocrosse as “Sunday Pub Rugby”. The fun and challenge of polocrosse is “you are only as good as your ability to make weakest link the best they can be”. “Keen” on this exchange since the pandemic lockdown, he said “ We are hoping you guys will be bringing a V&M team here to the UK in 2025 so that we can return the hospitality.”

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