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Nationals 2018 Results

NATIONALS 2018 RESULTS! ROTATING AWARDS Essex All Blacks: Friendship Cup: Cile Savoy Paddy Memorial: Best Presented Team: Sandie Creek Polocrosse Most Fair and Best Polocrosse Sportsperson: Elizabeth Walker Shelley Shearer: Best Playing Junior: Kevin Horton U21 Best Rider: Kat Liner Tricia Cane: Al True The Big Joey: Erin Strider Best Nationals Umpire: Zach Hulbert Umpire ...

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Lone Star’s Jon Weber Classic Tournament Results

A Grade: 1st A Lone Star- Rob Shuttles, Stephanie Shuttles, Ryan Strider 2nd A Sauce- Braxton Hamlin, Tallie Thompson, Evan Vallee Best Horse-Roza (Renee Thompson) Best Player-Braxton Hamlin B Grade: 1st B Alamo- Clayton Crabdree, Renee Wenand, Anna Duff 2nd B Grand Bay- Ashley Barbour, Steve Wiggins, Karen Saussy Best Horse- Nikita (Elizabeth Walker) Best ...

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Grand Bay’s Cowboy Classic Tournament Results

A Grade: 1st Place – #3: Braxton Hamlin, Doug Hamlin, Sarah Desai 2nd Place – #4: Sloan Hamlin, Kaylee Camp, Rahul Desai Best Horse: Venus Best Player: Braxton Hamlin B Grade: 1st Place – TVPC Mix: Aubrey Large, Elizabeth Walker, Clayton Crabdree 2nd Place – Grand Bay Girls: Karen Saussy, Michelena Zalopany, Megan Waggener Best ...

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Charlie Horse Tournament Results!

Our first tournament of the year: Charlie Horse results: A Grade (Scrambled) First Place: Braxton Hamlin, Kaylee Camp, Doug Hamlin Second Place: Sarah/Rahul Desai, Kerstie Allen, Sloan Hamlin Best Player: Braxton Hamlin Best Horse: Venus B Grade: First Place: Marlee Bigsby, Cason Camp, Callie Williams Second Place: Sara Cifelli, Ally Kimbrough, Hank Watson Best Player: ...

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Central Zone Regionals Results!

  A Grade: 1) Lone Star 2) Tennessee Valley Best Player: Rob Shuttles Best Horse: Zima, Ryan Strider B Grade: 1) Lone Star 2) Minnesota Best Player: Renee Thompson Best Horse: Roza, Renee Thompson C Grade: 1) Minnesota 2) Companeros Best Player: Connie Geary Best Horse: Chance, Connie Geary Junior A: 1) Grand Bay 2) ...

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