Nationals 2018 Results

NATIONALS 2018 RESULTS! ROTATING AWARDS Essex All Blacks: Friendship Cup: Cile Savoy Paddy Memorial: Best Presented Team: Sandie Creek Polocrosse Most Fair and Best Polocrosse Sportsperson: Elizabeth Walker Shelley Shearer: Best Playing Junior: Kevin Horton U21 Best Rider: Kat Liner Tricia Cane: Al True The Big Joey: Erin Strider Best Nationals Umpire: Zach Hulbert Umpire Achievement: Sarah Desai SPECIAL AWARDS Crosse-Over-Challenge Winner: Virginia Carpenter Best Australian Stockhorse: Special, owned by Rahul and Sarah Desai Best Australian Stockhorse Rider: Emma Strider Boxter Award: Freckles, owned by the Shuttles Family Bomber MVP Award: Braxton Hamlin New: The Dirtiest Whites Award: David Firmin (there were several honorable mentions) Triple Crown & Uckele Coupons: Braxton Hamlin, Cameron Firmin, Sarah Broadhurst and Megan Waggener Thoroughbred Incentive Program: Juniors: 2nd: Scott Carpenter Jr., on Fernet, 1st: Garrett Upshaw on Angela, Adults: 2nd: Derek Rumel on Jasmine, 1st: Heather Shuttles on Remedy Australian Stockhorse Association Draws: ASHA saddle pad: Saussy’s, Bridle Tag: Karen Cressenberg Australian Stockhorse Recognition: Renee Thompson James Root Saddle Draw: Leslie Plant Tournament winners at Harvest Farm won the following in their game placings: 1st Place: silver, gold and black belt buckles 2nd Place: thick blue saddle pads with the APA logo and placing on an embroidered patch. 3rd Place: silver engraved picture frame Best Player: large silver engraved cup Best Conditioned Horse: pair of full leg ice boots Best Conditioned Horse: adjustable shoulder turnout blanket with embridered APA logo and Triple Crown logo as our sponsor! DIVISION AWARDS Masters & Women’s Best # 1 Player: Sara Cifelli Best # 2 Player: Richard Balogh Best # 3 Player: Stacy Upshaw Recognition to Jaco Swanepoel Sr, Elizabeth Stutts, Paul Schnatz Best Conditioned Horse: Waylon, Joe Douglas Best Horse: North, Donna Ellis 1st: Sandie Creek 2nd Carolina 3rd: Sugarloaf E Grade Best # 1 Player: Emma McGeough Best # 2 Player: Karlie Slaton Best # 3 Player: Bine Hatcher Best Conditioned Horse: Pantera, Bine Hatcher Best Horse: Zoomi, Layla Zaky 1st: Minnesota 2nd: Heartland 3rd: Sandie Creek D Grade Best # 1 Player: PJ Penor Best # 2 Player: Schyler Stacy Best # 3 Player: Andrew Winney Best Conditioned Horse: Beatrice, Ella Wilson Best Horse: Sammy, Casey Gusick 1st: Mountain West 2nd: Bay Area 3rd: Heartland C Grade Best # 1 Player: Joslyn Upshaw Best # 2 Player: Ashlynne Hanan Best # 3 Player: Robbie Noiles Best Conditioned Horse, Twister, Mary Ladnier Best Horse: Angela, Garrett Upshaw 1st: Grand Bay 2nd: Mountain West 3rd: Tennessee Valley B Grade Best # 1: Zach Hulbert Best # 2: Anna Whorton Duff Best # 3: Ashley Barbour Best Conditioned Horse: Rogue, Ally Kimbrough Best Horse: Steely: Tallie Thompson 1st: Central Zone Mix 2nd: Eastern Zone 3rd: Tennessee Valley A Grade Best # 1 Player: Rahul Desai Best # 2 Player: Braxton Hamlin Best # 3 Player: Kat Liner Best Conditioned Horse: Domino, Megan Waggener Best Horse: Layla, Braxton Hamlin 1st: Tennessee Valley 2nd: Carolina 3rd: Lone Star