UND 16 USA vs NSW Tour- Florida, USA Updates:

Donna Ellis, Und 16 USA Manager Reports:

The U16’s had a great first full day yesterday.

  Doublemint twins Captains Halee Stroh and Tayla Stephens flipped a coin for horse pools which Coach Greg Russell strategically set up to be strong in all respects!Seth Alcott & Und 16 Team

USA Polocrosse World Cup 2011 Member, Seth Alcott with Und 16 USA Team

After really hot morning practices we retired back to the amazing BG resort for a lunch and swim.

  Pool Slide     Cooling off Of course still had lots of chores like buying,¬†loading, and distributing hay! It was great to relax and have the kids hang out in the game room – ping pong, pool, etc etc. We crashed pretty early after a filling dinner along with a couple of ¬†long days. -USA Und 16 Manager, Donna Ellis