Triple Crown Sponsorship Update!

TRIPLE CROWN NUTRITION 2018 SPONSORSHIP NEWS! We are excited to share that Triple Crown Nutrition will be expanding their sponsorship of the APA and polocrosse in 2018. The new program will include Triple Crown’s ongoing support of the APA and various local tournaments (e.g., awards, raffles, club sponsorships), a mail-in rebate program that is open to all APA members to fund polocrosse development in your club, and an exclusive sponsorship for the APA Nationals Tournament in Harvest, AL, in 2018. This is terrific news and we are excited and grateful for Triple Crown’s continued investment in polocrosse! Triple Crown is a performance equine feed company that has been supplying its specialized feeds to the top horses across equine disciplines for over 25 years. Triple Crown feeds are unlike any other product line and are designed to address your concerns about proper equine nutrition and its benefits. Triple Crown feeds will maintain your horse’s high-performance level and keep your horse healthy and in supreme condition. New in 2018: Triple Crown has a new partnership with Purina Mills: In late 2017 Triple Crown entered a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Purina Mills for the eastern US, allowing Triple Crown to partner with Purina’s distribution network and making Triple Crown available in select Purina dealers in the eastern US. Triple Crown Feeds are still available at many independently owned dealers as well as Southern States stores and managed co-ops. In addition, Triple Crown still has a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Blue Seal on the east coast. Collectively, these options dramatically increase Triple Crown’s availability and distribution in the eastern U.S. Learn more about the agreement and get answers to many of your questions by visiting this FAQ: This is a great opportunity for more APA members to use Triple Crown Feeds and participate in the incredible mail-in rebate program to support your polocrosse club. To find the dealer closest to you, check out their dealer locator at: If you have any additional questions on the agreement or Triple Crown products, be sure to contact Triple Crown at or call toll free 1- 800-451-9916. FREE Nutrition Consultation with Triple Crown for APA Members: Do you have questions regarding your horse’s nutritional needs? Each APA member is eligible for personal consultation on his or her horse’s feeding program by contacting Triple Crown. You can visit or contact Triple Crown’s Customer Service at 1-800-451-9916 to answer any of your questions regarding their feeds and your horse’s care. Triple Crown Tournament Sponsorships: Triple Crown will continue their sponsorship of the MN Polocrosse Club and will be offering BEST HORSE awards, and FREE product raffles at 4 preselected tournaments in 2018. All of this is to get the word out on Triple Crown Nutrition’s performance feeds. Specific Tournament sponsorships are being managed by the Minnesota Polocrosse Club. All and any inquiries regarding Triple Crown sponsorships should be directed to David Finch at Please do not contact or solicit Triple Crown directly. Triple Crown will be the exclusive brand and feed sponsor of the Nationals Tournament. They are providing a field side tent for the tournament, advertising in various tournament and APA media, FREE product raffles and other promotions on-site. Is Your Club Participating in the Mail-in Rebate Program? The goal of the program is to increase trial and consumption of Triple Crown feeds and, at the same time, increase the amount of funds individual polocrosse clubs have to promote the sport. Funds can be used to purchase equipment, fund tournaments, awards, events, clinics, etc. No rebate money will be issued to individuals. Funds only go to established and recognized clubs or sanctioned APA tournaments. This is a great way to fund the development and promotion of our sport. How can we have an impact on our new sponsor Triple Crown? By purchasing their 50lb feed products and telling great stories about our polocrosse horses using Triple Crown on their social media sites(e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). “Before” and “After” pictures are great! As in 2017, you will see the Minnesota Club offering various promotions by Triple Crown at targeted tournaments this summer, including the Nationals Tournament (e.g., BEST Horse Awards, Free Feed, Crossover Challenges, etc.) How Does It Work? Rebate Requirements: –Buy 10 x 50lb bags of Triple Crown Feeds (e.g., Complete, Senior, Lite, Naturals), get $25 from Triple Crown for your polocrosse club –This offer is exclusive to only 2018 APA Members (day memberships are not included). –This offer is for calendar year 2018 only. The last submissions to be accepted will have to be post marked 12/31/18 or earlier. –Only Triple Crown Feeds in 50lb bags are eligible (i.e., Complete, Senior, Lite, Naturals) –Submissions for the rebate must be by mail to: Triple Crown Polocrosse Rebate, PO Box 176, Afton, MN 55001-0176 –Rebate forms must be filled out correctly and fully, accompanied by 10 proofs of purchases. –The $25 check can only be issued to either a currently recognized and active APA Club or a 2018 Sanctioned Tournament. –No rebate checks will be addressed to individual APA members. The $25 is to be used to promote the growth and expansion of polocrosse. –Only the actual cut-out proof of purchases image from the 50 lb. Triple Crown feed bag can be submitted. No scans or copies will be accepted. No receipts or barcodes will be accepted in lieu of proofs of purchase. Proof of purchases must be submitted in increments of 10 (e.g., 10, 20, 30, 40 etc.). There will be no partial payments for less than 10 proof of purchase submissions. –The Triple Crown Polocrosse Rebate has the right to refuse any submission on check requests, if it believes the submission is not compliant with the rules and intentions of the rebate. –Any questions should be directed to David Finch at, or 952-215-5730 cell. REBATE FORM . Why This Is Great For ALL of Us! –It’s a great opportunity for APA Clubs to raise money and fund their local polocrosse expansion. –Each club can raise money by simply feeding their horses Triple Crown feeds. It is that easy. –Exclusive to the APA for 2018…and only to current full 2018 APA members. Take advantage this opportunity. –Triple Crown feeds are state-of-the-art, science and real-world developed feeds for performance horses. They offer a number of specialty feeds such as Senior, Lite, Naturals and Complete. Check them all out at –Triple Crown wants APA members to post their Triple Crown success stories on their social media (Snapchat, FB, website, Twitter). Make sure to tag Triple Crown whenever you can! This is one of the ways they will measure the success of our program. We need everyone’s help to drive sales (tracked by the rebate) and drive social media impressions for Triple Crown and polocrosse! .