Tournament Results! Sandie Creek Tournament, April 2017

A BIG thank you to Todd and Sandie Camp for a fun, relaxed and competitive weekend. The setting was in beautiful Macintosh Reserve Park and a must see for anyone who has never been. Play was fun and competitive with a record number of games coming down to sudden death and final results as close as a goal apart. The Masters/Ladies Division hosted 15 players and was fun for everyone!!! A Grade (was a mix division allowing for the team traveling to South Africa this summer to play with multiple players) Best Players: Braxton Hamlin, Rahul Desai and Sarah Desai Best Horses: Layla (TVPC) and Special (CPC) B Grade First Place: Sandie Creek Kaylee Camp, Dylan Hood, Scott Morgan Second Place: CPC Ally Kimbrough, Sara Cifelli, Natalie Sturtz Third Place: Grand Bay Mix Karen Saussy, Jack Hood, Kat Liner Best Player: Kaylee Camp Best Horse: Burghley (TVPC) C Grade First Place: Sandie Creek Mix Kyler Haygood, Jack Hood Jr, Joslyn Upshaw Second Place: TVPC Justin Layne, Connie Geary, Sophia Solomon Third Place: Heart Of Dixie Mix Mary Ladiner, Bailey Morring, Baker White Best Player: Joslyn Upshaw Best Horse: Riley (GB) D Grade First Place: Sandie Creek Patrick Lundrum, Rachel Wilson, Lura Vittetoe Second Place: Girl Power Ellie Wilson, Sienna Adams, Skyler Stacy Third Place: GB Mix Felicia D’Alonzo, Alina Hood, Emi Briggs Best Player: Patrick Lundrum Best Horse: Hannah (SC) E Grade First Place: Sandie Creek Rebekah Frye, Jacob Porter, Carly Jenkins Second Place: Stars Mix Ashby Hatcher, Layla Sapp, Natalie Pachinger Third Place: Dixie Mix Ella Hatcher, Olivia Gaudet, Sean Howell Best Player: Ashby Hatcher Best Horse: Georgia (SC) Masters Division First Place Jamie Zito, Sarah Dansission, Peggy Ferebee Second Place: Melanie Watson, TJ Watson (Michele Lahr was a part of this team too but was out due to injury) Third Place: Deb Zito, Amy Lewis, Cile Savoy Best Player: Mel Watson Best Horse: Ziva (CH)