Tournament Results! Charlie Horse, March 2017

Charlie Horse Tournament Results: March 2017 What another great start to the APA Polocrosse season thank you to Jamie and Deb Zito and the Charlie Horse Club. We had beautiful weather, great food, great competition and that makes for GREAT POLOCROSSE! There were players from all over North America including our friends from Canada that were in attendance all week for a player exchange. a Big THANK YOU to Charlie Horse Club, The Camp Family and Tournament Umpire Greg Russell for making all this happen ! Many divisions came down to ties and sudden death finals great, safe and fun competition. 3 cheers for the ponies!!   Results: Masters/Ladies First Place: M1 Todd Camp, Amy Lewis, Kelly Pate Second Place: M2 Jamie Zito, Deb Zito, Kathy McAteer, Third Place: M3 Donna Ellis, Sarah Dansission,Jeff McAteer Best Players Stacey Upshaw  Best Horse: Slow Joe, Shaikira   A Grade: First Place: Dingoes Rahul Desai, Braxton Hamlin, Garrett Hamlin Second Place: TVPC  Sloan Hamlin, Sydney Burch, Karl Balogh Third Place: CPC Girls Sarah Desai, Kate Lahr, Kat Liner Best Player: Rahul Desai    Best Horse: Special   B Grade First Place: CPC Crawford Liner, Sara Cifelli, Alex Harvey Second Place: B1 Ally Kimbrough, Jo Guzman, Sophia Solomon Third Place: B2 Kaylee Camp, Janelle Palmer, Katie Fox Best Player: Ally Kimbrough   Best Horse Birdie   C Grade First Place: C1 Joclyn Upshaw, Kate Lahr, Dylan Hood Second Place:C2 Kiara Kowaluk, Alex McAteer, Kyler Haygood Third Place: TVPC Amy Hamlin, Connie Geary, Justin Lane Best Player: Joclyn Upshaw  Best Horse: Riley   D Grade First Place: D3 Schyler Stacy, Jack Hood Jr, Rachel Wilson Second Place: D2 Rebecca Frye, Ellie Wilson, Sienna Adams Third Place: D1 Alina Hood, Nadia Harrison, Elise McAteer Best Player: Jack Hood Jr  Best Horse: Jack   E Grade First Place:E2 Patrick Lundrum, Layla Sapp Second Place: E1 Ella Hatcher, Ashby Hatcher Third Place: E3 Laurie Balinski, Barbara Burgio Best Player: PatrickLandrum   Best Horse:Luna