Round 2 of the Polocrosse Racket Trick Challenge starts now! The second skill for the challenge is Twirls! How many times can you twirl the racket with a ball in the net? Videotape yourself doing as many twirls in succession as you can for your Round 2 Entry! Points from this round will be added to your score from Round 1. Post the video entry on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #polocrosseracketchallenge

Racket Trick Challenge Round 2 Twirls

You can post multiple videos and your highest score will be counted, so give it your best shot, and keep practicing until you beat your own score!

Round 2 deadline is February 13. The skill for Round 3 (which will be even harder!) will be posted after this round ends.

Round 1 Leaderboard
The racket trick for the first round was bouncing!

Seniors (Top 2)
Summer W from Sassafras River: 500 Bounces
Madison B from Tennessee Valley: 242 Bounces

Juniors (Top 2)
Haydon S from Lone Star: 317 Bounces
Hudson W from Sandie Creek: 41 Bounces

As a reminder, the person in the Srs and Jrs division of the Racket Trick Challenge with the overall high score from Rounds 1-3 will get a Trick Stick! Thank you SC Polocrosse Equipment

Trick Sticks