Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP) Application; Level 1


The goal of the Coaching Accreditation Program is to create a network of professional, knowledgeable coaches that can be utilized by our APA membership in order to further develop all aspects of their gameplay. Once certified, you will be added to our online roster of APA coaches. Certification will be required to coach APA sanctioned teams/events nationally and internationally. Minimum age for the CAP is 18. Minimum age for coaching international tours is 21*. Resources for coaches are available on the APA website.


CAP Level 1:

As a level one coach you should be comfortable with teaching the basic foundation of polocrosse. Level 1 Certified Coach abilities include:

  • Demonstrating safety in all teaching situations
  • Teaching basic riding skills and horse maintenance
  • Teaching fundamentals of tacking a polocrosse mount
  • Introducing and teaching the concept of polocrosse equitation
  • Teaching basic racquet skills and game strategy
  • Introducing the rulebook
  • Teaching a fundamental series of polocrosse/riding curriculum to an individual or small group, building toward coached chukkas
  • Maintaining group control while coaching chukkas


In addition to completing this application you must:

  1. Complete the Level 1 Certification Clinic organized by the APA Chief Coach (schedule tbd, will reach out via email)
  2. Be a current APA Member in good standing
  3. Pass a yearly Criminal Background Check. This link will take you directly to the site and your report will be sent directly to the APA (Annual fee of $6.95)
  4. Complete the CDC Heads Up Course. This is a free online resource that should be renewed each year. It should take  approximately 30 minutes to complete. Submit your certificate to
  5. Complete the USOC SafeSport Training Course. This is an online resource that should be renewed every three years. It should take approximately 90 minutes to complete. (Fee is $20) Submit your certificate to
  6. Be available to coach at least twice a year


Coaching Program Application

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Is your APA Membership current and in good standing?(Required)
Will you require payment of your expenses?(Required)
Compensation of some kind?(Required)
“The minimum required age for coaches and team managers for all Player Development Inbound and outbound tours and any overnight Player Development Youth program clinic program shall be 21 years with the following special requirements: If either the coach or the Team manager is between the ages of 21-24, their team counterpart must be at least 30 yrs of age. The Player Development Committee will approve all coaches and team managers.”
I understand:(Required)
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