Peak Polocrosse Rumble In the Rockies Results

Most improved Woman – Steph Lindsey (Janelle Weir Award Donation) Best Australian Stock Horse – Strider Zima (Avery Thompson’s) A Grade 1st Lone Star 2nd Big Sky Polocosse 3rd Mountain Best Player – Braxton Hamlin Best Horse – Marty (Lachlan Clarks’ horse) B Grade 1st Calgary 2nd Peak 3rd Big Sky Polocosse Best Player – Evan Plant Best Horse – Jazz (Rob Brooks’ Horse) C Grade 1st Companeros 2nd Adventures Unlimited Team Zero 3rd Southern Belles Best player – Shelby Barner Best Horse – Jasper (Renee Thompson’s horse) D Grade 1st Big Sky Polocrosse 2nd The three Smiths 3rd Adventures Unlimited 2 Best Player – Catherine Peticoas Best Horse – Sinatra (Keely Kuhl’s horse) E Grade: Best Player – Darla Menger Best Horse – Garry (Tim Doust’s horse)