Notice from the APA Chief Umpire:

Dear APA Members, After careful consideration and review of our rules regarding throwing the ball, the APA Umpire panel recommended to the APA Board the following changes to apply to the APA 2014 Rulebook:   Add the following paragraph and language: A player’s racquet with the ball in it may pass over the center line of the horse without constituting a foul or penalty provided the player is in the act of throwing the ball. Remove Paragraph: under “Missed Goal” and the guideline that follows for consistency sake with the new overhand throw rule. These changes bring the APA rulebook into parity with the International Polocrosse Council International Polocrosse Rules regarding ball handling, and specifically the exception to a centerline violation if the ball crosses the centerline of the horse during the motion of a throw.   The APA Board voted to approve these changes to the rulebook, with said changes to be implemented 30 days from this date of notification. Additionally, the Board approved an amendment to this motion to require a review of the effect of this rule change on our game 6 months after the implementation date. Therefore, sanctioned APA tournaments will use these rules of play in all grades beginning 30 days after this notice, or on 5/1/2015.   Both the Umpire Panel and the APA Board recognize that a change of this magnitude is not without controversy. Please recognize that considerable discussion has been devoted to these decisions. Feedback to Zone Umpires, the Chief Umpire, or APA leadership is always welcome, and will be included in our discussion at the above 6 month review. Sincerely, David C Thornton APA, Chief Umpire