New Rule Changes 2021

The APA Umpire Panel has been hard at work to make our sport better. The following rule changes have been voted into effect by the APA Board and will take effect July 26, 2021. If you have any questions please reach out to our Chief Umpire, Rahul Desai @
Section II  #7b
Required Equipment (rule addition):
a. Bridle or appropriate headstall with reins.
Under “definitions”, add definition of headstall
Headstall – An appropriate piece of tack fitted to a horse’s head designed to control the head of the horse (i.e. Bridle, halter, etc).
Section III #2
a. All equipment and gear must be sound and in good working order. (Penalty 1, 2, 3).
*** change from Penalty 1 only and allow for penalty 2 or 3 if deemed necessary ***
b. Players and horses will wear and maintain appropriate safety equipment for the entirety of the game as defined in the required equipment section. (Penalty 1, 2, 3)
*** change from Penalty 1 only and allow for penalty 2 or 3 if deemed necessary ***
Section III #18
Time Off:
Remove subsection “d” (A player will be penalized if time is called off due to a dangerous situation relating to safety equipment”).
Add the following subsections:
a. The umpire shall stop play for loose leg wraps / bandages and / or saddle pads that are lost or in danger of coming off (Penalty 1, 2, 3).
b. The umpire shall use his / her discretion regarding when to stop play for any other broken or loose tack / gear. Once the broken tack / gear has been addressed / replaced, play shall recommence with a 10 yard throw to the team in possession, in a way that does not take advantage away from either team. In the event of neither team having possession, play shall recommence with a lineup.
*** Remove the bell boot exception (Section III #2) as this is addressed with the above change ***
c. The umpire shall not stop play for a broken or dropped racket unless it was the result of a penalty by the opposing team. However, once the ball is dead, the umpire shall then stop play and allow the player a reasonable amount of time to retrieve / remove the dropped racket or exchange the broken racket.
i. No player shall intentionally leave their dropped or broken racket in the field of play.