In consideration of my child’s participation in an American Polocrosse Association (APA) activity, and the inherent risks of equine activity that may result in injury/harm requiring emergency medical treatment, I authorize the APA, its successors, or assigns, officials, officers, directors, employees, agents, and/or volunteers to obtain and release to any APA activity personnel; (including, but not limited to, organizers, instructors, coaches, managers, chaperons), and to any first aid and safety personnel, medical professionals, and treating medical facility, any information regarding my child’s medical history, symptoms, treatment, exam results and / or diagnosis. I have read this release and agree to it.
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How Polocrosse Players Spent the Winter Offseason

The first tournament of the year, the Charlie Horse Classic, is about eight weeks away, so the winter off-season is officially over! Polocrosse players and their horses participate in a wide variety of equestrian activities year-round. In the polocrosse off-season, players use the extra time to wind down or explore other disciplines. Catch up with


Round 2 of the Polocrosse Racket Trick Challenge starts now! The second skill for the challenge is Twirls! How many times can you twirl the racket with a ball in the net? Videotape yourself doing as many twirls in succession as you can for your Round 2 Entry! Points from this round will be added

Men’s Test Match in Wanganui, New Zealand

Eight players on the USA World Cup shortlist are traveling to Wanganui, New Zealand for a Men’s Test Match on February 3-5, 2023. Traveling with the team is coach Rob Shuttles, manager Wade Liner, and assistant coach Gordon Duff. USA Men’s Team: Karl Balogh – Sugarloaf Mountain Glenn Bigsby – Big Sky Rahul Desai –