In consideration of my child’s participation in an American Polocrosse Association (APA) activity, and the inherent risks of equine activity that may result in injury/harm requiring emergency medical treatment, I authorize the APA, its successors, or assigns, officials, officers, directors, employees, agents, and/or volunteers to obtain and release to any APA activity personnel; (including, but not limited to, organizers, instructors, coaches, managers, chaperons), and to any first aid and safety personnel, medical professionals, and treating medical facility, any information regarding my child’s medical history, symptoms, treatment, exam results and / or diagnosis. I have read this release and agree to it.
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2024 UK/US Veterans & Masters Polocrosse Tour

Heartland Polocrosse Club, a local club of the American Polocrosse Association, will host 8 Veterans & Masters, United Kingdom Polocrosse Association, players coordinated by Wayne Henning, to participate in the Blue Ridge Brawl APA Sanctioned Tournament & UK V&M US Tour, August 16, 17,  and 18, 2024, at Heartland Polocrosse Club, 35805 Allder School Road,

Ratings System Updates

The APA has a new ratings system that will be implemented this year.  There are some big changes from the previous system to the new one. The new ratings are meant to reflect where a player should likely play in a US tournament. They are not meant to be compared to the ratings of other

2024 Standards of Play Changes

Your APA Umpire panel and board members have been hard at work to fine tune the Standards of Play to continue to improve the spirit of the game that we all love to play. In an effort to continue to strive for the utmost fairness in all tournaments, some edits to the Standards of Play