How Polocrosse Players Spent the Winter Offseason

The first tournament of the year, the Charlie Horse Classic, is about eight weeks away, so the winter off-season is officially over!

Polocrosse players and their horses participate in a wide variety of equestrian activities year-round. In the polocrosse off-season, players use the extra time to wind down or explore other disciplines. Catch up with a few players from around the country about what they did during the polocrosse off-season.

Madison Butler
Madison from Tennessee Valley Polocrosse Club spent her winter with her ponies doing holiday parades, foxhunting, trying mounted police training, and desensitizing her new australian stock horse.

Madison and Delilah Parade
Delilah and Madison at a holiday parade.

Madison Dahmer Foxhunting
Dahmer foxhunting with Madison.

Madison Delilah Police Training
Madison and Delilah doing mounted police training.

Modoc Desensitizing
Modoc working on desensitization.

Summer and Zach Weldon
Summer and Zach geared down for the winter but still did cow sorting and lots of trails with ASH Commander, AQHA BB, and their new gelding Gunz.

Summer BB Cow
BB working cows with Summer.

Zach Gunz
Zach hacking with Gunz.

Zach Summer Trails
Summer and Zach trail riding.

The Poe Family
The Poe family kept busy this winter and we hear that Lilly is working towards big goals this season! The girls hit the trails, practiced vaulting, and did a working equitation clinic.

Lilly Rogue Polocrosse
Lilly and Rogue getting ready for the ‘23 polocrosse season.

Hailey Lexi
Hailey and Lexi on a trail ride.

Working equitation
Working equitation clinic with ponies Lexi and Chex.

Lily vaulting
Lilly vaulting on OTTB Peaches.

Poe Family
Family selfie!