These applications are for those interested in traveling, as an individual, to a foreign polocrosse playing country and/or hosting a foreign player. Individuals must be 14 years of age or greater, those under 18 will need parental approval.
Traveling: Current countries affiliated with the International Polocrosse Council include: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, the UK, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Polocrosse is also played in a handful of other countries such as Denmark, Finland, and Mexico.
Hosting: The other side of this program involves reciprocating the experience; hosting foreign players and providing them with opportunities to play. As this program takes off, it is important that we, too, make ourselves available to host players.
Filling out the form(s) below lets us know your interest and will allow us to connect you with a host and/or player. Please note that this is not a PDP nor APA tour however, all involved will be representing our organization and our country and will be expected to sign a code of conduct and alcohol policy form prior to traveling/hosting. Trips will be self funded.

Become a Nationals Sponsor!

Become a Nationals Sponsor! The APA is looking for Nationals Sponsors! If you are interested, or know someone (or business that would be), we have a package for you! Please reach out to the Sponsorship team (Katelyn Pierce or Karen Byrd Wiggins) if you have any questions!

U16 Tour Team

Meet the USA U16 Tour Players A series of U16 test matches are scheduled to take place in Virginia between the United Kingdom and the United States. A team of eight under-16 inbound players are traveling from the UK to play a team of seven under-16 players chosen to represent the USA. The U16 Tour

Blue Crab Classic Tournament Results 2023

A Grade 1st – Francois Koekeloer, Rahul Desai, Sarah Desai 2nd – Ryan Reppening, Ryan Strider, Emma Strider 3rd – Catherine Hanagan, Karl Balogh, Kat Liner Best Player: Ryan Strider Best Horse: Zema B Grade 1st – Charla Cameron, Ella Lavogna, Erin Strider 2nd – Sara Cifelli, Clare Lynam, Riley Wright 3rd – Kelsi Williams,