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To further clarify the APA’s October 29, 2016, E-News regarding the D-grade results at the 2016 Nationals Tournament, the Board does not claim that Sandie Creek or its players intentionally or willfully violated the stated requirements, nor was its purpose to imply as such. The E-News listed at length the reasons that the Board and ...

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Nationals 2016!

Nationals 2016! Get all the information you need to know about the APA’s big event happening October 7 – 9 in Harvest, Alabama. Click to open this post and access the information document or look on the Nationals page under ‘About’.

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Online Registration for Nationals is OPEN!

Our season-ender event is shaping up to be large and fun! We’d love for you to be there…if you don’t have a team, you can sign up and we will try and find a team for you. Consider this: from points east, it might be between an 8 or 12 hour drive. From the central ...

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