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Carolina Classic 2019 Results

Masters DivisionBest Player: Jaco SwanepoelBest Horse: Lily (Sheana Funkhouser) E Grade Best Player: Kyleigh Best Horse: Arceus (Carter Klein) D Grade 1st: Sugarloaf – Lucas Garvey, Ashby Hatcher, Bean Hatcher 2nd: Stars and Stripes – Layla Sapp, Robbie Karl, Amy Lewis Best Player: Grace Hecker Best Horse: Rambo (Sandie Creek) C Grade 1st: Bay Mix ...

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Sandie Creek Tournament Results

A Grade: 1st: E-Lemon-ators: Braxton Ham;in, Rahul Desai, Catherine Hanagan 2nd: WC Ladies: Sarah Desai, Kat Liner, Megan Waggener 3rd: Man Power: Garrett Hamlin, Zach Hulbert, Sloan Hamlin Best Player: Braxton Hamlin Best Horse: Special (Sarah Desai) B Grade: 1st: B Mix: Kaylee Camp, Meg Smith, Melanie Watson 2nd: Grand Bay: Karen Saussy, Charles Saussy, ...

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Cowboys and Shamrocks Tournament Results

A Grade: 1st: TVPC/SPC: Doug Hamlin, Emma Strider and Zach Hulbert 2nd: Lone Star: Prissy Rumel, Derek Rumel and Tessa Strider Best Player: Derek Rumel Best Horse: Strider Moonshine (Emma Strider) B Grade: 1st: Grand Bay/TVPC: Ashley Barbour, Jeremy Barbour, Aubry Large 2nd: TVPC: Elizabeth Walker, Sophia Solomon, Justin Layne Best Player: Ashley Barbour Best ...

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Moon Lai Photography: Nationals Friday Games

Here is a link you can click on to see the photography Moon Lai did for the Friday games at Nationals: Here are highlights from Day 1: We are keeping the Dropbox photos for full APA Members. If you did not see it earlier, please contact Laura Humphreys at  

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Nationals 2018 Results

NATIONALS 2018 RESULTS! ROTATING AWARDS Essex All Blacks: Friendship Cup: Cile Savoy Paddy Memorial: Best Presented Team: Sandie Creek Polocrosse Most Fair and Best Polocrosse Sportsperson: Elizabeth Walker Shelley Shearer: Best Playing Junior: Kevin Horton U21 Best Rider: Kat Liner Tricia Cane: Al True The Big Joey: Erin Strider Best Nationals Umpire: Zach Hulbert Umpire ...

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