Minnesota Tournament Results

Minnesota’s Chees Curd Challenge Results: A Grade: 1st – “Win or Booze” (Braxton Hamlin, Megan Waggener, Evan Vallee) 2nd – “Thats What She Said” (Prissy Rumel, Ryan Strider and Tessa Strider) 3rd – “Dream Killers” (Kevin Horton, Emma Strider, Karl Balogh) Best #1 Tessa Strider Best #2 Evan Vallee Best #3 Ryan Strider Best Horse: Zima (Ryan Strider) B Grade: 1st – “Back That Pass Up” (Charles Saussy, Karen Saussy, Sophia Solomon) 2nd – “You Can’t Touch This” (Alvin True, Susan A. Hatch, Brooke Sprague) 3rd – “The Ball Handlers” (Brian Beall, Matt Dekkers, Justin Layne) Best #1 Alvin True Best #2 Brian Beall Best #3 Sophia Solomon Best Horse: Remedy (Aubry Shuttles) C Grade: 1st – “Need for Speed” (Carolyn Gusick, Kiri Freeman, Cassi Lukas / Golden Warrier) 2nd – “MN Rising Stars” (Madeline Dekkers, Ada Dekkers, Sarah McKeown) 3rd – “Game of Throw-Ins” (Sammy Shuttles, Haydon Shuttles, Ahna Mayo) Best #1 Carolyn Gusick Best #2 Kiri Freeman Best #3 Sarah McKeown Best Horse: Teak (Carolyn Gusick’s) D Grade: 1st – “Dolls with Balls” (Eunice Doelz, Jill Nordstrom, Keely Kuhl) 2nd – “Not Fast But Furious” (Paul Doelz, Katrina Drimmel, Andrew Nordstrom) 3rd – “Small But Mighty” (Kendal Johnson, Alec Winney, Eli Wickander) Best #1 Eli Wickander Best #2 Katrina Drimmel Best #3 Alec Winney Best Horse: Orion (Ridden by Eunice Doelz owned by Tamara Cameron) Chuckles Division Riders: • Parker Saussy • Lexi Saussy • Charlotte Bosacker-Kass • Gage Shuttles • Eli Dekkers / Eli Doelz • Payton Winney