Carolina Polocrosse 2022 Tournament Results

69 players from 7 clubs competed at the 2022 Polocrosse in the Pines Tournament hosted by CPC May 28-29 at the Pinehurst Harness Track. Chukkas ran all day on both days between grades E to A. There were Chuckles each afternoon for young riders.


Thank you Chief Umpire Rob Shuttles and Sarah Desai for running a wonderful weekend of polocrosse! Jamie Zito did ratings, Paul Johnson took stats, and Holly Beth Hatcher was the Horse Welfare Officer.


A grade

1st TVPX – Braxton Hamlin, Houston Hutcherson, Sloan Hamlin

2nd CPC – Sarah Desai, Rahul Desai, Kat Liner

3rd Mix – Emma Strider, Evan Vallee, Aubrey Shuttles

Best 1: Braxton 

Best 2: Sloan 

Best 3: Houston

Best Horse: Special (Rahul)


B grade

1st Sandie Creek – Kaylee Camp, Daniel Wix, Joe Guzman

2nd Sugarloaf –  Sarah Broadhurst, John Broadhurst, Peter Balogh

3rd Mix – Summer Weldon, Jr Carpenter, Sarah Cifelli 

Best 1: Kaylee

Best 2: Joe

Best 3: Sarah Cifelli

Best Horse: Joker (Kaylee)


C grade

1st TVPX – Madison Butler, Jack Underwood, Brauch Treadwell

2nd Sugarloaf Black – Riley Wright, Ashby Hatcher, Alexandra Broadhurst

3rd Mix – Anthony Lynch, Rebecca Frye, Haley Culpepper 

Best 1: Anthony

Best 2: Riley 

Best 3: Alexandra 

Best Horse: Reada (Anthony)


D grade

1st Sugar Creek – Matt Gaiter, John Gaiter, El Wilson, Richard Balogh, Janet Broadhurst, Richard Broadhurst

2nd Mix – Ashley Tabor, Cameron Moore, Gordon Talk, Carli Hall, Kylie Ferrentino, Bailey Treadwell

3rd Bay Area – Savannah Dobbins, Mia Lavorgna, Sabrina Dobbins, Kaitlyn Roberson, Jamie Moczydlowski, Taylor Youngblood

Best 1: Carli 

Best 2: Savannah 

Best 3: Ashley

Best Horse: Bee (Carli)


E grade

1st Mix – Joe McDonald, Ken Bunn, Hudson Wix

2nd TVPX – Sophia Reiber, David Reiber, Maddie Hostler

3rd Heartland – Karen Childers, Kate Childers, Jennifer Carpenter

Best 1: Hudson 

Best 2: Sofia 

Best 3: Joe

Best Horse: Opie (Hudson)


Triple Crown’s Overall Champion Best Horse: Special (Rahul Desai)

TIP Awards
Junior: Phyllis – Ella Lavorgna
Senior: Rani – Sabrina Dobbins
Australian Stockhorse Society
A Grade: Yahoo Paparazzi – Sarah Desai
B Grade: Commander – Summer Weldon