Board, Program and Committee Chairs

YOUR BOARD, PROGRAM and COMMITTEE CHAIRS The Committee Chairs that were open were filled at the Board’s ‘face to face’ meeting in February. They are listed below the Board positions. These contacts are also listed on a page in the Standards Of Play rulebook for your convenience. YOUR 2019 BOARD: President: Katelyn James Vice President: Donna Ellis Secretary: Sara Cifelli Treasurer: Jen Kimbrough Board At Large: Nick Balogh Board At Large: Ryan Murphy Board At Large: Charles Saussy Board At Large: Cile Savoy Central Zone Rep: Stacy Upshaw Eastern Zone Rep: Erin Barnes Mt. West Zone Rep: Susan Hatch Mt. West Interim Zone Rep: Julie Mouton PROGRAM CHAIRS: Chief Umpire: Daniel Johnson Crosse Over Challenge Chair: Cile Savoy International Liaison: Susan Hatch Player Development Chair: Donna Ellis USPC Liaison: Cile Savoy World Cup Chair: Heather Shuttles COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Business Development Chair: Charles Saussy Communications Chair: Laura Humphreys Executive Committee: Katelyn James Finance Committee: Jen Kimbrough Grievance Panel Chair: Erin Barnes Nationals Chair – Laura Humphreys Ratings Chair – Michelena Zalopany Sponsorship Chair—David Finch