Announcing the new 2023 Triple Crown Polocrosse Rebate for APA Members

Here is something exciting for your horse, your club and your love of polocrosse: Triple Crown is improving its Polocrosse Rebate program for APA Members! Now Triple Crown will issue a check for $30 for every 12 proofs of selected Triple Crown products. This is a great way to earn money for your club, tournaments and the promotion of polocrosse in your community and is exclusive to APA members. You can find the forms and information on the APA website. You can also download the rebate form directly here.

Triple Crown has been a long-standing sponsor of Polocrosse and the exclusive feed sponsor of the APA. Their rebate program has provided significant funding to polocrosse events across our community and the APA. The rebates are for your club to use however it wants to promote polocrosse. Clubs often use the rebates to pay for tournament awards, clinician fees, rackets and balls for the club and new uniforms.

Numerous National and Olympic riders rely on Triple Crown feeds, forages, and naturals in the health and nutrition of their extraordinary horses. Triple Crown offers a number of high-performance feeds that will meet your horse’s requirements too. Triple Crown offers free feed advice online and the exclusive EquiMix solution that provides the appropriate prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, fats, and minerals for optimized performance, gut health and immunity.

Let us show our support for Triple Crown and generate resources for your club to promote polocrosse!

Triple Crown’s APA Sponsor Information
Triple Crown Website