2019 Coaching Accreditation Program Roll Out

Introducing the APA Coaching Accreditation Program!

Join the ranks of the best coaches in the country!  Coaches are an invaluable resource to the growth of our sport.  They not only provide knowledge and skills to players, but also encourage them to be the best they can be.  They pick them up when they’re down and demonstrate a high standard for others to follow.  We are looking for applicants for Level 1 Certification.  Are you passionate about polocrosse?  Would you enjoy conducting clinics locally or across the country?  Would you like formal education on how to coach and improve on your abilities?

Why should you get certified?

  1. Prestige-  Certified Coaches will receive designated shirts and hats.  You’ll be a part of an elite group and visible at tournaments.
  2. Coach APA Teams-  Certification will be required to coach APA sanctioned teams nationally and internationally.
  3. Professional Pay-  You’ll have the opportunity to be paid for your time and conduct clinics on your own terms.
  4. Training-  As a Certified Coach, you’ll be provided training camps to improve your skills alongside your peers.
  5. Sought After-  You’ll be listed on an official directory on the APA website and those seeking coaching opportunities for clinics will find you.
  6. Marketing-  You’ll be featured on the APA’s social media marketing as an APA representative.  You’ll also be provided materials to hand out and run your clinics.
  7. Liability Coverage-  You’ll have the opportunity to cover your clinics through the APA’s umbrella policy.

Take the first step and apply for Level 1 Certification!  The Coaching Accreditation Program will be developing Drills Books, Manuals, Camps as well as Level 2 standards to progress to.  To start, click here for more information and the application.