Reminders You Need To Know

—Nationals 2020: is postponed to 2021 in Harvest, Alabama. Many international tours are postponed or cancelled, keep watching for information as it comes. —Crosse-Over-Challenge has moved to 2021 with Nationals. The new date for entries to start is January 2021. We will offer refunds of 2020 entries to those who request it. —Website :There are still a few things that will be fixed on the website; we will let you know when the membership module is fully functional. (almost ready) The liability form will be able to be signed online and you can take care of right when you sign up for membership. You can also sign up for The E-News there. —Facebook: Keep watching our videos! If we get content, we are trying to do one video a week with player tips, horse tips and other information to keep everyone realizing that #polocrossewillreturn! Also, you are quite good at answering the trivia posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays! —International Tours: many have been cancelled, the UK has been postponed to next year. Please keep watching for more information. —Rulebooks: are still planned to be printed and mailed to each member.