Bay Area Polocrosse 2022 Tournament Results

51 players came out for the 2022 Blue Crab Classic Polocrosse Tournament hosted by Bay Area Polocrosse Club! The weather was perfect for players and spectators. Chukkas ran all day on Saturday and Sunday with a Chukkles game on Saturday. 


Thank you to Rachel Wroble and Shaylin Gotsis for organizing the tournament! Additionally, thanks to the horse welfare officer Roxann Stephanie, tournament umpire Robbie Noiles, on-call vet Paul Reppening, and on-call farrier Danielle Brouillette.


Results from the Tournament!

A grade

1st CPC – Sara Cifelli, Rahul Desai, Sarah Desai 

2nd Sugarloaf – Kevin Broadhurst, Karl Balogh, Evan Vallee

3rd Bay Area – Paul Repenning, Ryan Murphy, Emma Strider

Best Rider: Rahul 

Best Horse: Greta (Paul)


B grade

1st Sassafras – Summer Weldon, Zach Weldon, Alexandra Broadhurst

2nd Honey Badgers-  Charla Cameron, Ella Lavorgna, Erin Strider

3rd Sugarloaf – Sarah Broadhurst, Halee Stroh, Ashby Hatcher

Best Rider: Zach 

Best Horse: BB (Zach)


C grade

1st Sugarloaf – Dillon Layman, Riley Wright, Bean Hatcher

2nd Reverse Oreos – Jessa Russell, Shaylin Gotsis, Andrew Lanier

3rd Chicks with Sticks – Jackie Brouillette, Julie Dault, Sabrina Dobbins

Best Rider: Riley 

Best Horse: Maddy (Andrew)


D grade

1st Heartland – Scott Carpenter, Jennifer Carpenter, Joe McDonald

Moody Mares – Jamie Moczydlowski, Kaitlyn Robertson, Skyler Weaver

Big Stick Energy – Kylie Ferrentino, Savannah Dobbins, Taylor Youngblood

Best Rider: Kaitlyn 

Best Horse: Moscato (Kylie)


E grade

1st Bay Area – Addison Brennan, Christy Dean, Nicole Goddard

2nd Heartland – Karen Childers, Kate Childers, Reagan Roy

3rd Pita Pon – Molly Krotz, Molly Mangefrida, Charlotte Saraceni

Best Rider: Brenna Ferrentino

Best Horse: Quiz (Molly M)