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Adults 18 and older: By Completing this form and clicking on the "Submit and Checkout" button I agree to abide by the by-laws, rules, and regulations of the American Polocrosse Association. And… as a member of the APA, I agreed to allow any photos approved by the APA board to be used in printed material or on the APA website.

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BY CHECKING THIS BOX, I SHOW THAT I HAVE READ THE FOLLOWING BELOW: PHOTO USE AGREEMENT, MEMBER AGREEMENT, RELEASE OF LIABILITY, CODE OF CONDUCT AND THE APA'S ALCOHOL POLICY. MEMBERSHIP IS AN AGREEMENT FOR PHOTOS TO BE USED IN PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL. Please contact APA below if it’s a problem. The American Polocrosse Association offers to its membership newsletters, rulebooks, coaching and umpire certification programs, eligibility to participate as a player in sanctioned tournaments, a general liability insurance policy for members and sanctioned tournaments, eligibility to compete in international competitions, and a commitment to promote the American Polocrosse Association. I, as a member, agree to abide by the By-Laws, the Code of Conduct and all Rules and Regulations of the American Polocrosse Association. I agree to comply with all State laws pertaining to the possession of distribution of alcohol to minors. Further, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to comply with all APA rules, including those pertaining to equipment and helmets. The safety of the equipment and the animals that I use is my responsibility. In addition to any other procedure in the By-Laws relating to the denial or revocation of Membership, the Board or the Executive Committee may deny or revoke the Membership of any Member at any time with or without cause and/or delegate the authority to do so.


I acknowledge that the game of polocrosse involves inherent risks of personal injury to me personally, my horse, and damages to equipment and property. Knowing and understanding this, I still desire to participate in and attend APA sanctioned events. In consideration for my participation in and attendance to these events, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and assigns, discharge and hold harmless; The American Polocrosse Association, the APA Club, its officers, directors, members and agents, and all other persons or organizations in any way connected with this event including, but not limited to properties, their owners and operators, their officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, heirs, administrators and assigns, from any and all rights, claims or liability for damages from any and all claims of any kind of nature, that might arise out of my participation in any activity in any way connected with this event or taking place upon the grounds. I further acknowledge that this release will extend to any accidents, damages, or claims arising out of my participation, caused by my own act or the acts of anyone or any animal within my control. I hereby certify that I am covered by medical, health and accident insurance and/or I am responsible for any costs I may incur for my own medical injuries. By signing this release and waiver, I am assuming all risks of this activity in which I will be engaged and am releasing all of the parties indicated above of any and all liability for their negligence of any description whatsoever. It is my intent to assume all risk and to waive and give up my rights (for myself and my heirs) to sue. And I do so knowingly and voluntarily.


Revised November 2017 Members of the American Polocrosse Association understand that they represent polocrosse and the APA and agree to adhere to its rules, guidelines, and Code of Conduct at polocrosse events.
Members will: - Place horses welfare above all other considerations. Animal abuse as identified by a doctor of veterinary medicine will not be tolerated; - Respect the local and federal laws at the venue and respect the person and property of others. This includes refraining from threatening, destructive, or abusive behavior; - Conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner; - Adhere to rules and guidelines of the APA rule book and the rules established by the Event Organizer; - Abide by the APA Alcohol Policy. - Members are expected to conduct themselves at all polocrosse events in a manner which is in keeping with the guidelines and the Code of Conduct of the APA and will not bring discredit upon the APA or the sport of polocrosse.
Event Organizers, acting in good faith, may take such action as is necessary to prevent inappropriate behavior from harming people or animals or disrupting the activity to the detriment of other participants including, but not limited to, suspending the participant from play or participation in event-related activities immediately. It is then the Event Organizer’s responsibility to report the incident to the APA Grievance Panel. Members who are not Event Organizers may also report incidents to the Grievance Panel. The procedure for further enforcement is as follows:
  1. The incident must be submitted to the APA Grievance Panel in writing.
  2. Upon receipt and verification by the APA Grievance Panel, the panel may decide no further
action is necessary or may issue a suspension of the offending person’s membership beginning from the date of the incident to such a time as the panel sees fit, including a lifetime suspension. All decisions made by the panel will be submitted to the involved parties within 30 days of receiving the complaint.
  1. Appeal of disciplinary action may be submitted upon receipt of the Panel’s written decision.
Any appeal must be made in writing to the APA Administrator within 30 days of notification by the grievance panel. The APA Board of Directors must act upon any appeal and notify the member of its action in writing within 30 days after receiving the written appeal. Suspension will remain in effect throughout the appeal process. Persistent violations of the APA rules, guidelines or Code of Conduct may result in further suspension.


August 2001, Revised 2004, 2012, 2017 The APA policy is that members abide by local, state, and federal laws regarding alcohol consumption by minors at organized polocrosse events in the United States. Members will abide by U.S. federal laws while representing the APA in foreign countries. The APA has zero tolerance for consumption of alcohol or controlled substances by minors or for adults supplying minors with controlled substances. This policy includes all minors, APA members or spectators. Any adult who is knowingly contributing to the violation of the policy by providing alcohol or controlled substances to minors will be subject to the same disciplinary action set out below:
  1. Any infraction of the above policy shall be reported by a credible source to the event’s organizer. If the event organizer finds the report reliable, the offending individual(s) will be immediately suspended from play and the incident shall be reported to the APA Grievance Panel in writing.
  2. Upon receipt and verification by the APA Grievance Panel, the Panel shall suspend the offending individual’s membership until such a time as the Panel sees fit as per the APA Code of Conduct.
  3. Appeal may be made upon receipt in writing of suspension of membership. Any appeal must be made in writing to the APA Executive Administrator within 30 days of notification by the Grievance Panel. The APA Board of Directors must act upon any appeal and notify the member of its action in writing within 30 days after receiving the written appeal.
Suspension will remain in effect throughout the appeal process.